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A Knight's Reward
  A Knight's Reward by Catherine Kean
by Catherine Kean

Superbly Rewarding Medieval!

Catherine Kean continues her Knights Series with a wonderfully enchanting and heartwarming story of love once lost and now found. Years ago, the strong, handsome nobleman, Dominic de Terre, fell in love with an exquisite commoner, Gisela Anne Balewyne. Rather than give in to his family’s demands and marry a noblewoman, he chooses to leave his home and the arms of his “Little Daisy,” of his life, Gisela, and join up to fight in the Crusades with King Richard. All he thinks about during his time away is being in the meadow of daisies with his Gisela. He returns, feeling that his life has changed and that Gisela is probably married. He joins up to support his friend and strong local lord, Lord de Lanceau. While on an undercover mission to find out who has been stealing Lord de Lanceau’s precious shipments of rare silks, he sees his Gisela in the marketplace. But this woman says she is Anne and the little boy with her is her son, Ewan. Dominic’s eyes and heart know differently, and he continues to follow and discover that Anne really is his Gisela. He immediately wonders why she is in hiding with her son and working as a tailor. Little does he realize that Gisela has many secrets, but most of all, she has run away from a brutal husband who has scarred her for life and has threatened all that she loves, especially her son. The mystery begins as Gisela is trapped in a situation with a French Merchant Crenardieu and the very silks that Dominic is looking for, as well as another deep secret she must tell Dominic. For a short time, Gisela has her Dominic back, but she knows once she meets Crenardieu’s blackmail demands, she must take the money made from the silk garments commissioned for him and run far, far away from her evil husband Ryle and her newfound love for Dominic. But Dominic does not want to give up on Gisela, and as their passion once again reignites, Gisela, her son, and Dominic get trapped in the dangerous plot by Ryle and Crenardieu. Will Gisela run, or decide to stay and save Dominic while facing the loss of both Dominic and her son by admitting to Lord de Lanceau that she was involved in the stolen silk plot? But most of all will Dominic forgive her most important secret?

As all of the other Knight Series, Catherine Kean has once again written an interesting and intense story with mystery and many characters with depth. A Knight’s Reward is another page turner that keeps the reader absorbed from beginning to end, and is another Medieval Romance that is a keeper for collectors.

Publisher: Medallion (April 2008)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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