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A Knight Well Spent
A Knight Well Spent by Jackie Ivie
  by Jackie Ivie

Beautiful, rich, dark tale of Scottish medieval love
Rhoenne, knighted and awarded a fief at a young age, forces himself now wounded to take another step, and sighs in relief at the sound of a running water and the beautiful Celtic maiden Aislynn, known as Lady of the Brook. She might be a sprightly thing, but her anger is something mighty fierce when this big sexy knight interrupts her blessing ritual! Feeling his fever, fate seems to bring him the one person he needs the most, a healer Aislynn. Aislynn recognizes his nobility, but with his Sassenach clothing and Norman tongue, this handsome knight can only be one thing --- her enemy!

Rhoenne Guy de Ramhurst, a man of prowess and honor is known as the Lion, a man of great strength and nobility. Granted his earldom by Scotland's King David, he must wed whom the king chooses. Like a true medieval knight in heart, Rhoenne goes to the chapel to give thanks for the healer and honors a vow as if it were a sacred duty. With a duty to bring the rebellious Highlanders under rule and control those within his own castle, Rhoenne brings further trouble on himself when he brings Aislynn to his home. Her beauty captivates him but also reminds him of his manhood and the vow he made to keep the family curse at bay. Aislynn might be able to heal the wound in his leg, but can love heal Rhoenne and the dark secrets within his heart and soul? Can honor sometimes come from breaking a vow for something higher than the vow itself?

Although a serf and maiden, Aislynn has a calling as a healer that cannot be denied. Born with a mark, some call her a witch with the devil's mark. Can she heal Rhoenne without bringing upon herself accusations of witchcraft? Although Rhoenne may protect her from danger, can he protect her from himself? When her dreams warn her of impending doom, how far will Aislynn go to protect those she loves? Will Rhoenne and Aislynn survive the darkness within his heart? Can love truly conquer all, even fate?

A KNIGHT WELL SPENT takes the reader into the spirit of the Middle Ages with a heart-stealing hero and heroine. Jackie Ivie will have readers smiling, in tears and smiling again as Rhoenne and Aislynn's love reveals deeper and deeper levels of emotion. The author takes the reader to the heights of passion and darkest depths of despair and back again, creating a love that has the power to challenge fate and truly heal the darkest corners of her characters' lives. Jackie Ivie creates a romance that has the power to cross political and supernatural divides, forever changing both Aislynn and Rhoenne and the future lives of those around them.

Suspenseful subplots enhance the main story, making this romance a thrilling ride from start to finish. The secondary characters of Rosie, Monteval and others add a richness and depth to this romance, giving the reader a glimpse into the loyalties, friendships, and subtle intrigue within a medieval liege lord's household. Jackie Ivie handles the medieval setting of this romance exquisitely. She uses medieval terminology, themes and locations precisely in just the right measure to make the reader to feel the medieval world amidst the emotion and romance. Medieval lovers will adore her portrayal of the troubled knight, a classic medieval theme, to which Jackie Ivie adds a unique richness. Juxtaposing Rhoenne's dark view of fate with Aislynn's Celtic beliefs, Jackie Ivie brings together two destined lovers whose love breaks through fate itself! A KNIGHT WELL SPENT weaves a very fine tale of medieval love indeed!

Publisher:  Kensington Zebra Historical Romance (October 2008)

Reviewed by Merrimon, Medieval Book Reviews
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