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I Shot You Babe
I Shot You Babe by Lesley Langtry
by Leslie Langtry
Quirky, funny and wonderfully refreshing
Coney Bombay, known as Cy, had a job to do --- assassinate a popular sports figure whose nefarious sideline activities put him on the Bombay family's hit list.  For centuries the Bombay family has been in the business of execution and Cy knows how to get the job done efficiently, at least until he meets Veronica Gale.  While working as a carney, She approaches him asking questions for her research paper.  Cy challenges some of her academic preconceptions.  After all, he himself was once a doctorate student in philosophy, and he knows the pitfalls of playing it safe and living in one's head at the expense of life.  She grabs his attention from the get go, but Cy knows this chance meeting can go nowhere.  While on a martial arts trip to Mongolia, suddenly she appears back in his life.  Trouble ensues as Cy has a job to do and she will only get in the way.   Veronica Gale is determined to solve the conspiracy behind a murder or at least what she claims is a murder despite the official cause of death.  As her adventures take her further and further from the the safety of academia into a strange new exciting world, can she solve the mystery and find romance at the same time?  What effect will Veronica's presence have on Cy?  Will he ever be the same?

The final book in the Bombay family series, Leslie Langtry's I SHOT YOU BABE is a wacky, wonderful mystery romance with a dark, clever offbeat sense of humor.  Told in the first person from Cy's point of view, Cy takes center stage, giving readers an inside look into this quirky assassin/carney with a Ph.D. in philosophy and a guinea pig sidekick named Jean-Paul Sartre.   Cy's wonderful blend of light sarcasm and eclecticism is the perfect ingredient for non-stop laughs.  Although Veronica's character is less developed as Cy's, Leslie Langtry does an excellent job detailing the changes within Cy as Veronica grabs ahold of his heart.  Every page brings a delightful surprise and chuckle at the sheer odd brilliance of the author's imagination.  More romance than mystery, several wonderful surprise twists, including a mystery puzzle or two, at the end make this book a wonderful conclusion to the Bombay assassin stories.

I SHOT YOU BABE is not a choice for readers unable to suspend their belief, who take themselves very seriously, or those who want realistic mysteries or romances. It is a perfect choice for those readers, even those bent towards seriousness at times, who love a good laugh or zany situations.   Some politically active readers might object to one sentence from a secondary character on the subject of torture.  Given the non-realistic setting presented in the romance --- a book with an assassin hero nonetheless --- I do not believe it will be an issue for the majority of readers.  I SHOT YOU BABE is not a political treatise but rather a hysterically funny book best enjoyed by readers who can laugh at themselves, even their serious pursuits, and the pure pleasure of fiction.  As someone who has spent way too much time in academia, I found Leslie Langtry's humorous look at academia, philosophy and Ph.D.s downright priceless.  Leslie Langtry has a true knack for bringing smart, wild, offbeat humor into this romance.

Leslie Langtry's I SHOT YOU BABE is the perfect remedy for the summer heat doldrums or just that restless craving for a unique and different romance to spice up one's reading pleasure.  Take it to the beach, read it after a long tiring or frustrating day at work (or home) or any time you need a good refreshing pick-me-up to rejuvenate the spirit. With its offbeat adventure and romance with a mystery twist, in a chick lit style gone eccentric,
I SHOT YOU BABE is non-stop fun, fun, fun! 

Publisher:  Making It (July 2009)
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Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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