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How to Abduct a Highland Lord
  How to Abduct a Highland Lord by Karen Hawkins
by Karen Hawkins
5 Stars!

Flirtatious, Witty, and Passionate Scottish Romance

Publisher: Pocket (February 2007)

Karen Hawkins delights fans of Scottish Romance once again in this first of a new series about the highland MacLean Family. Black Jack Kincaid had his roguish heart broken years ago when the beautiful green-eyed Fiona MacLean refused his offer of marriage. After years of drinking and wenching he wakes up from being drunk and unconscious on a road to London to discover he is now wed to Fiona. When her brother Callum is murdered and a Kincaid is blamed, Fiona has no choice but to abduct and marry this handsome auburn-haired, blue-eyed rogue in order to halt the MacLean-Kincaid life-long feud. After all, the MacLean's only power, other than their good looks, is the ability to make it rain and thunderstorm! When Jack is determined that his marriage will not affect his rogue lifestyle, he flees with Fiona to his London home in order to be in control of the relationship. Once there Fiona's beauty, passion, and kindness begins to warm Jack's cold heart. London experiences a stormy season as the MacLean brothers follow to make sure their little sister is happy in her new marriage. An ex-lover of Jack's who wants him back in her bed and a member of the Campbell family who wants revenge, get in the act to make trouble. When attempts on Fiona's life are made, Jack and Fiona return to Scotland, where the mystery of Callum's death and attempts on Fiona's life are unveiled. The story is sexy, witty, fast paced and pure regency highland fun!

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books

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