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His Wicked Kiss
  His Wicked Kiss by Gaelen Foley
by Gaelen Foley

Wonderfully Wicked Ending!

Gaelen Foley saved the best for last in her Knight Series with this final story about Jack Knight. In all of the other books the reader is teased with brief mentions of Jack, so it is fitting that he is larger than life when we at last meet him. A handsome beast like him needs the perfect beautiful woman. Eden Farrady is in the jungle assisting her father in the discovery of rain forest medicines. She literally drops out of a tree in the jungle upon seeing Jack and his crew on their way to his ship. Eden has dreamed for years to get out of the jungles of South America and return to England for a season and hopes Jack will want to take her back. Jack is immediately drawn to her and From His First Wicked Kiss until the very end the reader is captivated by the love and passion. Eden stows away on Jack's ship. It is here the seduction begins and their love grows. They marry on the ship of Jack's uncle Lord Arthur Knight. At sea their love is uncomplicated, but there is real life to face off the idyllic setting of Jack's ship at sea. The story becomes complicated as Jack needs to return to South America to help in the war effort against the Spanish. Jack, estranged from his family and the ton does not want to expose Eden to the falseness and cruelty of the ton. He mistakenly plans to keep her at his castle in Ireland. Eden is crushed and sees that as a betrayal to her and her dream. Jack is as unhappy with England as she is with the jungle. I disagree with other reviewers that this story fell flat. What happens is that the story becomes emotionally complicated as both of these very strong characters struggle with the issues of their individual wants and needs to come to terms at working out a blend between the two to create a life together. I was one of those readers that wanted to savor this book and was disappointed when the story was over. Great ending to the series. Time to re-read them in order from the beginning!

Publisher: Ballantine (May 2006)
Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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