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His and Hers
by Dawn Calvert

Unique and Amazing!

Dawn Calvert mesmerized romance fans with her debut romance Hero Worship, an extremely unique storyline of time-travel back to the Regency era. If you are a true romance fan, her style is thrilling and many a romance lovers dream. How many times has a reader been so absorbed in a story they wish they could be in it? Ms. Calvert transports a contemporary character from modern times in a unique time-travel storyline, but then literally transforms them into a current story being written by a romance author!

The characters from the previous book tuck away the "magic stone" (that allows time-travel and wishes to come true) in a local Starbucks, hoping true love as they have found, finds another. At the Starbucks walks in Jane Ellingson. As she sits in her favorite local coffee shop contemplating all that has been going wrong in her life she happens upon the stone tucked on the window ledge with a note saying "The sport of wishing. A guide for those so disposed." She figures what has she got to lose with a wishing stone, no matter how strange the idea seems? After all, how could her life get anymore awful than it seems at this time? She has messed up big time in her job as chief assistant to a senator when she releases a scandalous story to the press by accident, her live-in boyfriend freaks after she makes a bigger mistake by announcing "why don't we get married?, and she adds frosting to her disaster cake by spilling red wine on her best friend's wedding dress at the final fitting party, and no matter how she attempts to make it better, she is told to "just go away." So what could be better than going away by rubbing the wishing stone?

Little does Jane realize that she would end up in the Victorian era in a Victorian romance novel! First it's the darn corset, long dresses, horses, no modern conveniences, and strict society rules, but then she meets the knock out handsome Curran Dempsey and suddenly all of the things she missed in modern times don't seem so difficult to miss (even though her corset is still too tight), but then she comes to realize she is not only controlled by the Victorian era itself, but the whims of the author writing the novel Jane is in!

As Jane becomes involved in her new life and then takes on the other characters and eventually the author herself, this story will not only leave you smiling, but also laughing out loud, as well as mumbling in frustration at both the characters and the author of Jane's story -- not Ms. Calvert :) Will Jane stay in the Victorian era story and win the handsome hero Curran Dempsey or be wiped out of the story with the mere slash of a pen or torn out page that is put in the trash bin? This book is just too much fun to give too much away!

Publisher: Zebra (January 2008)
Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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