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Highland Warrior
Highland Warrior by Connie Mason
by Connie Mason

Sensual Highland Adventure

With close to 60 romance titles in print, Connie Mason delights her fans once more, returning to the Scottish Highlands in this tale of feuding Highland clans. The MacKays and MacKennas have warred for years. Many loved ones on both sides have died. When Laird MacKay loses yet another son he is desparate for the killing to stop. Laird Ross MacKenna has lost much as well and the most recent battle has taken the life of his young counsin Gunn. Laird MacKay uses his most precious asset to stop the fighting; his beautiful daughter Gillian's hand in marriage to the strong and handsome Ross MacKenna. Ross agrees to the marriage in order to stop the generations of feuding. When Gillian discovers the arranged marriage she is enraged, thinking how can she leave her beloved home and live with her enemy? Ross remembered seeing the flame-haired beauty wielding a sword on the battlefield. He feels loving her lush body not too high a price to pay, but even as he desires her, he cannot trust her. Gillian soon begins to desire and fall in love with the handsome and strong Ross. Just as an idyllic life seems possible there are those within the MacKay Keep and without that would come between them and create trouble. When a series of attacks against the MacKay clan begin, and they appear to be truce breaking attempts by the MacKenna clan, Ross unfairly banishes Gillian. Struggling with his desire and love, he does not realize that he has released her into the real enemy's clutches. Strong and beautiful Gillian refuses to give up and battles to uncover the real villians. As Ross comes to her rescue, the suspense and intrigue build, and soon generations of trouble that has plagued the peace of both clans is revealed. Highland Warrior is a well-written, fast paced, sensual Scottish Romance adventure that keeps the reader riveted to the pages. Another masterfully written book to add to your Connie Mason collection!

Publisher: Leisure (March 2007)
Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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