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Highland Barbarian
Highland Barbarian by Hannah Howell
by Hannah Howell

More Murray Highlander Passion!

Hannah Howell has proven that there can never be enough Murrays in the Scottish Highlands. She is a master of the Highland Scottish Romance and delights fans once more with another set of twins in this first of a two part series about Murray cousins, brothers Sir Artan and Sir Lucas Murray. In this, Sir Artan's story we begin where we last ended in the Murray saga with Angus MacReith needing a strong highland laird as heir for Glascreag. He turns to one of the Murray twins he has fostered asking Artan to go and seek out his niece Cecily Donaldson whose mother married a lowlander and is living with her aunt and uncle who are now her guardians. Angus plans to have Artan marry Cecily and thus become the laird, but Artan is skeptical about marriage and even less enthusiastic about marriage to a lass sight unseen. He shows up at Dunburn with two lowlander guards in each arm as the celebration of Cecily's betrothal to Sir Fergus Ogilvey is being finalized. Like many of the Murrays Artan takes one look at the lovely Cecily with her fiery hair and temper and recognizes his mate. But at the same time he also recognizes that all is not right at this estate and soon overhears that Cecily's relatives had her family killed and is using her to make this advantageous marriage and then have her done away with as well. Artan seduces her away from Dunburn and then struggles with his feelings of not only desire and passion, but growing love, as well as guilt, as he then has to reveal the real reason why he is taking Cecily; that another marriage has been arranged for her. Artan begins wooing Cecily and on the run from Sir Fergus and her aunt and uncle, Artan and Cecily become handfasted. Only in the style of Hannah Howell can a sexy, passionate, fiery seduction on the run be so much fun. They eventually make it to Glascreag where Cecily finds out the truth and feels betrayed, not realizing that Artan truly desires her. Sir Fergus eventually comes up to the highlands and joins forces with one of the many highlanders, Laird MacIvor, that has been coveting Glascreag for years, which is the reason why Angus needs an heir like Sir Artan that is strong to defend Glascreag. In this battle Artan is wounded and captured by Sir Fergus, who also takes the opportunity to torture Artan a bit. The highlanders stick together as Laird MacIvor sides with Angus and Artan after seeing how evil Sir Fergus really is. MacIvor mortally wounds Sir Fergus, but not before Artan slips into a deep coma-like sleep to overcome his wounds. Cecily, like many of the Murrays, has healing talents, but even her talents seem hopeless. She prays that she will be a good and perfect wife if Artan awakes, and when he does, Artan begins to realize something is definitely not right as his lass with the temper and screaming passion in his bed has become subdued. Once again Artan finds himself wooing his Cecily and this historical romance has a "they lived happily ever after" ending with Cecily and Artan declaring their love and realizing they both fell in love from the moment they met. Highland Barbarian is another fun, sexy Scottish Historical Romance in a long line of highland romances that Hannah Howell fans never grow tired of reading and adding to their collections.

Publisher: Zebra (December 2006)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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