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Hidden Obsession
 Hidden Obsession by Joanne Rock
by Joanne Rock
5 Hearts
Innovative sexy medieval time travel romance

Graham Lawson, a LAPD weapons expert, has been called in to investigate a strange case with odd connections to medieval weapons.  In pursuit of a strange clue that might lead to the enigmatic murderer, Graham visits the new Sex Through the Ages Exhibit.  While examining some of the medieval obects, Graham suddenly he finds himself transported not just in an authentic medieval world but in the closet of Linnet Welbourne!  Although Linnet finds his presence quite unsettling, especially with her brothers nearby, brothers who will do anything to preserve her honor, his presence fills her with a hope of escape.  If he could get in, perhaps he can show her a means of escape from her planned marriage before it is too late.  As Graham and Linnet are drawn together,  Graham discovers a new world, a world with depth and realness unlike the Hollywood scene sets.  As Linnette follows Graham, she discovers through him, a whole new world within herself, a world where a woman's pleasure is not to be controlled but to be encouraged.  With Graham to guide her, Linnett discovers herself as a woman.  Despite his growing love for Linnett, Graham knows he must hunt down the villain hurting other women even if it means risking his love and his life.  Can these two discover a love that transcends time?

Joanne Rock's HIDDEN OBSESSION is an innovative sexy medieval time travel romance --- and a lot of fun!   With the hero as the time traveler, Joanne Rock adds a little twist as a modern day knight answers the call to free a medieval woman from bondage.  Linnett may not have all freedoms of modern women, but she is a woman ready to meet the challenges ahead of her.  Within her is a inner boldness that will match that of any modern woman,  Graham goes a little farther than the typical medieval knight as he frees Linnett from all the restraints to become a woman, powerful within herself and a woman who embraces the new and challenging aspects of her life.  The imagery of the time travel moment is beautifully written.  A suspenseful subplot and a wicked villain add an exciting subplot to this romance.  Although this romance reads differently than a medieval historical romance, medieval enthusiasts who crave variety with a dash of innovation will get a thrill out of HIDDEN OBSESSION.  Not only does the time travel element itself add an intriguing perspective on the medieval setting, but also HIDDEN OBSESSION in particular adds several new twists on medieval objects and themes familiar to medieval lovers.  Joanne Rock fans will find in HIDDEN OBSESSION the author's gift of vivid imagery, suspenseful situations, an appreciation for history, and  all together in this romance that unlocks the creative power of love to see the world in new ways.  Alongside the medieval setting, the hero's perspective adds a humorous contemporary tone.  Joanne Rock's HIDDEN OBSESSION is a fun, fun, fun romance with just a twist of zaniness.

Publisher: Harlequin Blaze (June 2006)
Series: Perfect Timing

Reviewed by Merrimon, Medieval  Book Reviews
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