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Her One Desire
  Her One Desire by Kimberly Killion
by Kimberly Killion

Sensually Desirable!

Handsome and strong Broderick Maxwell is held captive in the Tower of London, now Laird to the Maxwell clan, due to his brother’s death while they both experience the intense torture endured in order to discover important, life-threatening information about their King. In the midst of Broc’s torture an angel appears that relieves him of his pain, saves his life, and plans his escape. He discovers this beautiful and kind savior to be none other than Lisbeth Ives, the daughter of England’s Lord High Executioner, the very man responsible for his torture! She pleads for Broc to take her along in the escape, as she has proof that she is keeping to herself about the King being in danger from a powerful Lord close to the King that will also exonerate her father, who has been forced to do his cruel work for many years.

Broc is reluctant to take this beauty along for several reasons. The obvious is that she is the executioner’s daughter whom he blames for his brother’s death, but also because he is strangely sensually drawn to the kindness and beauty of Lisbeth. When he agrees, they must escape the evil forces chasing them both. Lisbeth and Broc’s attraction strengthens and grows as their escape plan twists and turns physically and emotionally. Broc is confused about his growing desire and passion for Lisbeth as the new Laid of the Maxwell clan because he knows he must not only honor the betrothal to another lady arranged by his family for his brother and to cling to his clan and brother’s honor, but he will have to face the clan’s disapproval for making the High Executioner’s daughter their laird’s wife. During their personal struggles and the many evil forces chasing them, Lisbeth, who has grown to deeply love Broc, holds her secrets from him in order to keep him and his clan safe when he returns to Scotland. The story is enticing and grips the reader from the first all the way to the end with secrets, passion and action making this book difficult to put down.

Kimberly Killion is a talented debut author to look forward to for many more exciting in-depth stories. She has a keen talent for holding the reader to the story and creating interesting characters of depth, mystery and action like a writer who has written for years. This is a debut writer that has already written a keeper with this debut!

Publisher: Zebra (July 2008)
Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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