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Antonio López de Santa Anna: Mexican political leader who greatly influenced early Mexican and Spanish politics and government, first fighting against the independence from Spain, and then supporting it, rising to the ranks of general and president at various times over a turbulent 40-year career. He was President of Mexico on seven non-consecutive occasions over a period of 22 years.

La Bastida Map, drawn for General Vicente Fisiloa of the Mexican Army in March 1836 showing the location of the Alamo Mission in relation to the town of San Antonio de Bexar. It was published in the mid-1800s as part of General Filisola's memoirs.

Sam Houston at the Battle of San Jacinto

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Her Inheritance Forever
 Her Inheritance Forever by Lyn Cote
  by Lyn Cote

Love and faith in the midst of the turmoil of the Texas Rebellion

Alandra Sandoval is not just any woman --- she is the dona of Rancho Sandoval, one of the largest ranches in Texas.  When Comanches kidnap her, ranch hand Scully Falconer comes to her aid, thanks to the help of Dorritt and Quinn.  When strangers arrive, claiming links to her family with a document to disinherit Alandra, Alandra and Scully agree to a marriage of convenience to protect her land, but the stakes get higher and higher as the Texas Rebellion comes closer and closer.  With war threatening to change the world as they know it, will Alandra and Scully find love together?  As a woman of faith, Alandra clings to the psalms during these troubled times.  Will God led her to a greater inheritance than she ever imagined?  How will the war challenge her faith, transforming her deep in her heart?  Through Alandra, will Scully find himself closer to God than ever before?

In HER INHERITANCE FOREVER, the second book in the inspirational romance Texas Star of Destiny series, the turmoil of the Texas revolution inspires love and faith in two characters drawn together despite their differences in race, class, and personalities in a romance full of action and historical drama.  Alandra is a fighter, a woman accustomed to doing things on her own and being in control.  Scully, on the other hand, is a man of quiet, a man whose inner strength guides him.  Starting with the Comanche kidnapping through the battle of the Alamo and San Jacinto, Lyn Cote places her characters in a time period that will test them from every corner as governments change and war itself comes closer and closer to their lives and land.  Racial tensions are high as race itself forms part of the class structure.  Within this system, both Alandra and Scully suffer as their family lineage marks them as half-breeds.  Lyn Cote does an excellent job of detailing all the finer nuances of the racial prejudices of the times and counterbalancing that history with her characters, a man and a woman who, as children of God, carry an inner nobility and as lovers of freedom, hope for better governance.

In HER INHERITANCE FOREVER, Lyn Cote places characters in a situation that will bring her characters to a deeper faith.  Relying on the promises of Psalm 37, Alandra prays to God, trusting him to protect in times of evil and defend her inheritance.  Through the events she experiences and her growing closeness to Scully, Alandra's faith deepens and her idea of inheritance grows beyond that of just land to the inner inheritance and freedom born from God.  Scully's faith grows quietly in quiet moments and memories, expanding from an individual moment in their lives to a faith that accompanies him as a soldier.  In HER INHERITANCE FOREVER, faith comes from within her characters, transforming them and their understanding of love and their individual faith through the romance that brings them together.  Rather than an outside force laid upon them, faith emerges from their individual life experiences, feelings and the sharing between husband and wife. 

From the first moments, the chemistry between Alandra and Scully makes itself known.  As the two share their deepest thoughts, the romance in their hearts blossoms.  Lyn Cote does an excellent job at creating moments of intimacy between her characters, moments intimate not through physical contact but intimate through sharing their deepest fears, values and hopes of their hearts --- the kind of romance that inspires a solid believable marriage beyond the happily-ever-after ending of romance.  Lyn Cote does an excellent job at balancing action-filled scenes with the quieter scenes and reflections of her characters.  Although this romance works perfectly as a stand-alone, series fans will relish being able to visit Dorritt and Quinn.  Alandra's family make wonderful villains.  As such, they might appear less developed to some readers, but this reader found them the perfect counterbalance to mark the growth in Alandra's faith as she moves beyond the past to a life of her own.  As such, their catalyst role in the narrative is perfectly executed.  Lyn Cote's HER INHERITANCE FOREVER is a fine example of inspirational historical romance, integrating historical events, faith and romance all into the core of the story.

Publisher: Avon Inspire  (Aug. 18, 2009)
Series: Texas Star of Destiny
Other books in the series: Desires of Her Heart, Her Abundant Joy

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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