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A pumpkin carved into a Jack-o'-lantern for Halloween.
A pumpkin carved into a Jack-o'-lantern for Halloween.

A structure fire
A structure fire
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Harvest of Souls
Harvest of Souls by Michael Wayne
by Michael Wayne
4.5 Stars

The town of Mercy Falls has secrets hidden that are about to explode.  The legend of Jeremy Unruh has haunted residents and now a group of teenagers hope to communicate with his ghost.  What they unleash instead is a nightmare of horrors.  Eve Lohmiller is caught in the middle of the violent deaths as she fears she is now the target of the demon stalking Mercy Falls.  Can Eve survive?  And at what cost?

HARVEST OF SOULS is a startling good horror story!  Michael Wayne paints very vivid images, bringing both the characters and the town of Mercy Falls itself to life. His portrait of the teenage animosity between the popular crowd and those on the fringes is almost painfully accurate as one can’t help but cringe for Jeremy as Ben and his followers torment him.  Tori’s role is also intriguing as she’s caught between two worlds.  However, Eve’s entrance into the storyline is when the plot really takes off.  The fateful events of the past are coming back full cycle and Eve is in the middle of it all. Has a vengeful ghost come back to haunt Mercy Falls?

Eve is a strong heroine despite her young age.  She’s likable and readers will find themselves cheering for her as she encounters unspeakable horrors.  Her fear as she is stalked is palpable; it sent chills down my spine!

HARVEST OF SOULS is almost poetic despite the very obvious bloodshed and horror.  Michael Wayne uses phrases and word choices that are more literary than one might expect.  In fact, it is his careful phrasing that heightens the intensity of the storyline as the bloody rampage unfolding in the context of such a small, beautifully portrayed town is horrific to contemplate.  Bravo, Michael Wayne!

Publisher: E-BookTime, LLC (January 2009)

Reviewed by Debbie, Debbie Wiley Book Reviews

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