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Guardian angel, by Pietro da Cortona, 1656.

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Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel by Andrew Neiderman
by Andrew Neiderman          

Twisted romance

Sometimes the deepest dreams can become the worst nightmares.  After years of seeing her husband Scott constantly put his job above the needs of his own family, Megan Lester has had enough.  She asks her husband for a divorce.  When her friend convinces Megan to have a night out on the town, a pushy man won't take no for an answer, at least not until Steve Wallace puts him in his place.  Ever since that night, Steve stands by her, ready to come to her aid.  Steve watches her.  He sees her every move.  To Steve, Megan is the ideal woman and he will do anything to make her his.  Will Megan realize the danger lurking all too close?

Andrew Neiderman's GUARDIAN ANGEL is quick, fast-paced suspense that twists the fantasy of romance into a nightmare. 
Andrew Neiderman shocks not with gore but by giving a reader a psychological glimpse into everyday values turned extreme.  Andrew Neiderman ramps up the creepiness by allowing the reader to see the real man behind both Scott  and Steve while Megan remains oblivious to the motivations of both men.  The reader knows the score.  Megan doesn't.  While trying to get her life on track, she does all the right things --- almost.  She follows her instincts --- most of the time.  The advice her friend gives her seems to be good advice, but is it? 

Andrew Neiderman builds up the thrill factor, not by hiding the identity of the villain, but rather by showing the reader step by step his depraved vision of women.  Even more creepy is the way Andrew Neiderman almost has the reader wanting him to do good, but the problem is the reader knows his deep-kept secret.  Likewise, Megan's natural inclinations and desires are easy to understand, except the reader, unlike her, sees the inner pain of both men, and the twisted lengths to which one will take his fantasies.   GUARDIAN ANGEL is much more interesting than the cheesy book cover which almost prevented me from reading the book, except that having read the author before, I knew I could depend on him for a suspenseful, engrossing easy-to-read story.  I was not disappointed.  Unable to put it down, I read it straight through from beginning to end.    Andrew Neiderman gives enough character development to understand the characters but not so much as to weigh down the story or the action.  Instead, Neiderman focuses on the key elements to maximize the chills. 
GUARDIAN ANGEL is a very good choice for the suspense lover who wants a light, quick, creepy read.  Andrew Neiderman is an excellent author to choose if you want to just relax into a book that will help you to relax and escape into a book after work, on the beach or during a snow storm. 

Publisher:  Leisure Books (December 2009)
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