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Golden masks excavated in Kalmakareh, Lorestan, Iran. First half of first Millennium BC. National Museum of Iran.

Taramosalata, Greek cuisine
Taramosalata, Greek cuisine

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The Greek Doctor’s New-Year Baby

by Kate Hardy

5 Stethoscopes
Madison Gregory is focused on her career working in the maternity unit.  Even her appearance and involvement at the masquerade is solely to promote the hospital and to raise money for needed equipment.  New consultant Theo Petrakis is a distraction she doesn’t need… and one she can’t resist.  Theo seems perfect.  Heck, he can even cook!  There’s just one little problem with Theo… he doesn’t want children. Ever.  And Madison is now pregnant with his child.

Kate Hardy allows time for her characters to grow and fall in love as her books are primarily character-driven. As a result, her characters are always believable and likable, and Madison and Theo are no exception.  Both are focused on their own goals, never intending for the attraction between them to take a serious turn.  Love is an unexpected complication but their honesty and willingness to work through issues is what makes their happily-ever-after so realistic.

Kate Hardy is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors no matter what Harlequin line she writes for.  It was an unexpected surprise to see Madison and Theo discussing Giovanni’s, a coffee shop and café seen previously in the Presents book, IN BED WITH HER ITALIAN BOSS.  Now if only Ms. Hardy will let give us Katrina’s (Madison’s cousin) story….

Publisher: Harlequin Medical Romance  #379 (January 2009)

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Reviewed by Debbie, Debbie Wiley Book Reviews

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