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Greedy Bones
Greedy Bones by Carolyn Haines
by Carolyn Haines

Madcap Southern mystery

Southern belle Sarah Booth Delaney returns home to Zinnia, Mississippi when her friend Tinkie Richmond's husband becomes sick with a mysterious illness.   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has no clue about cause or a cure for the illness.  Meanwhile a plague of boll weevils threatens to destroy the entire Sunflower County cotton crop.  Is the illness a virus or some kind of odd bacteria?  If the disease has the medical community stumped, how will Sarah Booth Delaney of all people figure it out and can she follow the clues fast enough to help?  With the whole town in an uproar, can she figure out the motive behind the strange happenings in Zinnia? 

Ninth in the Sarah Booth Delaney series, GREEDY BONES returns to Zinnia, Mississippi for another zany, madcap mystery.  Sarah Booth Delaney may be a Southern belle, but she is not exactly the belle of our grandmother's generation! Sarah Both Delaney has a delighttful mix of Southern charm and spunky, contemporary sass about her that adds non-stop humor to this hilarious mystery.  GREEDY BONES has a delighful cast of characters from the ghost Jitty and her friend Tinkie to the doctor and handsome sheriff.  Fast-paced and humorous from start to finish, GREEDY BONES is one fun frolic!  If you are not a particular fan of medical thrillers, do not let the book description blurb dissuade you from jumping into this mystery!  GREEDY BONES will delight even the most squeamish with its focus on character, zany adventure and hunt for clues rather than frightening medical descriptions.    GREEDY BONES  inspires laugh after laugh with just the right amount of tenderness and emotion stirred in the mix.  Whether you be a Southerner, misplaced Southern or just friends with one, Sarah Booth Delaney will steal your heart.

Newcomers to the Sarah Booth Delaney series might be at a slight disadvantage initially in the first pages as familiar characters are introduced but as the mystery proceeds, one can't help but find a soft spot for each and every character whether they are familiar or new to a reader.   On the other hand, Carolyn Haines does not bog the pace with rehashings of previous books which can be tedious for new and series readers alike.  Light-hearted and lively with a twist of Southern chic, GREEDY BONES is entertining from start to finish!

Minotaur Books (July 7, 2009)
A Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery
Author website
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