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The Fury
The Fury by Jason Pinter
by Jason Pinter

New York City newspaper journalist Henry Parker seems to have a knack for finding trouble.  When a strange disheveled man asks him for help, how was he supposed to know the man was his brother?  Especially since he did not know he had a brother.  When that junkie now turns up dead and the detective starts asking questions about their family relationship and the hope of a future story, Henry Parker takes time off from work to investigate.  With the help of Amanda Davies, Henry intends to track down his brother's killer and uncover the connection to a rumored organization from the past.  Henry's search leads him to the past and directly into danger.  Can he unravel all the threads to uncover the truth --- and will he survive? 

THE FURY, the fourth in the Henry Parker series, is a fast-paced suspense thriller with twists and turns that will keep readers guessing until the end and even beyond as one awaits the release of the next release, THE DARKNESS, which is tied to this book.  Although THE FURY works as a stand-alone concerning the murder of Stephen Gaines, the full implications of the case extend into the next book.  In issuing the books together in close succession, Jason Pinter pleases the desire both for a stand alone novel and one with deeply layered suspense.

In THE FURY Jason Pinter makes excellent use of the first person point of view to lead the reader into the character's thoughts, ramp up the pace and present the reader with the delays in making connections as Henry Parker himself might have experienced.  Jason Pinter's narrative voice will appeal to fans of hard-boiled crime, as much for the similarities as the differences.  Although Henry Parker shares some of the characteristics with this genre, his tough attitude is tinged with some self-reflection and moments of vulnerability.  In this novel, Henry Parker's troubled relationship to his father comes into play again with even more development as the appearance out of the blue of his brother causes him to re-examine his past.  Likewise, Jason Piner develops Henry Parker's relationship to his mentor Jack O'Donnell.  Indeed, one of the more fascinating aspects of THE FURY is Jason Pinter's look into the New York Gazette and the effects a falling economy and newspaper readership affects Henry Parker's workplace.  An easy to read writing style, the energetic pace of action and the edge of the seat suspense make THE FURY a novel that is hard to put down, yet also easy to pick up and read if one does not have the luxury of an all day reading vacation.  THE FURY doesn't have quite the same roller coaster hold-on-to-your-seat ride as THE MARK, but then again, fans of the series will definitely feel the Henry Parker intensity that Jason Pinter does so well while appreciating the development of the characters from book to book.  Despite the back cover marketing blurb, Amanda does not achieve much page space in this adventure although Henry's relationship to her provides an intriguing contrast between Henry and his father.  In THE FURY, readers can count on Jason Pinter for another quick, thrilling ride with dangers in unforeseeable places from unexpected persons.  Jason Pinter and his character Henry Parker are one outstanding combination!

Publisher: Mira (October 1, 2009)
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