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From London With Love
  From London With Love by Jenna Petersen
by Jenna Petersen

Sensual Start to Regency Lady Spies Series

In this first installment of The Lady Spies Series, we are introduced to the infamous Lady M and Charles Isley as they create a new network of lady spies from society, young widows of beauty and intelligence, who will train and uncover traitorous plots against The Crown. Meredith Sinclair is the first beauty. Widow of a loveless marriage, Meredith discovers excitement and freedom in being one of the Lady Spies and working in the field picking locks and dodging bullets is her forte. When she is given a new assignment involving the handsome Tristan Archer, Marquis of Carmichael, who she has been attracted to since he saved her life as a young girl, her skills are put to the test. In order to discover if he is involved in treasonous activities she finagles an invitation to his family's house party. Little does she realize that Tristan has always been attracted to her and that now that she is back in his life, he finds her hard to resist. Tristan is out for vengeance to uncover the treasonous villain that was responsible for the death of his brother, who was killed in a military battle because of important information leaked about the location of troops. He realizes he must keep away from Meredith so she is not pulled into the danger. At the same time Meredith is trying to discover if Tristan is indeed linked to an oil painting that hides treasonous documents. Tristan and Meredith are drawn together by their individual missions and passionate desire for each other. As the activities of their individual missions and the house party spin out of control, Meredith and Tristan come together in a moment of intense passion in his bedchamber. The villain then uses their attraction to get away and when Meredith discovers evidence that points to Tristan she has him arrested, only to realize later that he may not be guilty. With the help of the other Lady Spies she frees Tristan and they work together in an exciting finale to uncover the real treasonous villain. From London With Love is a sensual, delightful adventure from start to finish that is difficult to put down. I can't wait to read and re-read the entire series!

Publisher: Avon (August 2006)
Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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