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For the Love of a Pirate
For the Love of a Pirate by Edith Layton 
by Edith Layton 

Light, Fun Historical Romance

What is a young lady to do when she is in love with a straight-laced, perfect gentleman's "wild" pirate and highwayman ancestors in which she has grown up in the shadows of? That is the story of "For the Love of a Pirate, which will keep you smiling and even laughing out loud. Constantine, Lord Wylde, is the perfect gentleman and he has found the perfect calm society Lady Winchester to accept his proposal of marriage and all is going to be well in his perfect "ton" world that he has grown up in. Until a raging old man pirate comes barging in and announces he has been betrothed to his granddaughter since birth by his father and son who were "thieves" together; his father dying while holding up a carriage, hers in a duel over another man's wife. How in the world is Con going to hold his head up in society? So he rides off to the town where his father lived and these "thieves" held out to gently tell this young lady they will not suit and to pay off anyone in the town that may be able to tell about his past. What he doesn't expect is the beautiful and bold Lisbeth and that the whole town thinks he is a hero like his father and grandfather. As he tries to come to grips with his father's past and his present, one week leads to two and so on and eventually he stays a month and finds that not only is he more like his ancestors than he realized, but he is beginning to like the idea of it, and the idea of Lisbeth. One afternoon he takes her innocence and as a gentleman feels he must do the right thing. But when Lisbeth goes to London she finds that he is reverting back to the straight-laced gentleman and realizes she may be more in love with the dream of him than with him. The story is delightful and the ending sweet. It is a cinderella story that makes you smile and believe in true love. It is a perfect holiday season release!

Publisher: Avon (December 2006)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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