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Fatally Flaky
Fatally Flaky by Diane Mott Davidson
by Diane Mott Davidson

Humorous, clever culinary mystery

Aspen Meadows caterer Goldy Schultz has a wedding menu to plan but the bride keeps changing her mind from the menu to the venue itself.  Billie Attenborough is the ultimate bridezilla.  When Doc Finn, local doctor and friend of her godfather Jack, dies, Jack feels certain that the car accident is in fact no accident but a case of murder. When Jack is attacked, Goldy investigates and goes undercover in the spa Doc was investigating.  Can Goldy unravel the mysterious clues before her and those left behind by the victims? 

Diane Mott Davidson's FATALLY FLAKY is a humorous culinary mystery with several clever twists on the path to the unmasking of the killer's identity.  Several yummy recipes are included from breakfast foods and breads to scrumptious sounding desserts to tempt any diet.  Whether it be the bride's menu or the other meals mentioned, FATALLY FLAKY definitely stimulates the taste buds and will leave readers hopeful to hunt down the few recipes not available for dishes mentioned in the bride's menu.  Descriptions of Aspen Meadow will bring a smile to readers familiar with Colorado, both residents and visitors alike.

Readers new to Diane Mott Davidson's established series can easily read this mystery as a stand alone although the relationships between characters may not be as clear as for those familiar with the series.  Not every character is likable but in a sense, this reader found the variety a plus.  As the beloved godfather, Jack's entry into the scene is quick, but then again, too much development on their relationship would have left a reader too sad at his demise, thereby destroying the wonderful sense of humor and lightness of the mystery.  For that reason, this reader feels the author made the connection in just the right measure --- enough to understand Goldy's motivations for investigating but not so much for the reader to feel grief at the murders that do occur.  Diane Mott Davidson keeps the proper balance to focus on the mystery and for this mystery lover, the mystery itself is one of the more intriguing elements of FATALLY FLAKY.  Even though this reader felt certain she knew the direction of some clues, several took me by pleasant surprise. 
FATALLY FLAKY is a fun mystery, a bit less sweet than most cozy mysteries but not as dark as many suspense and crime novels.  FATALLY FLAKY is a very good choice for relaxing with a puzzle to stimulate the intellect and humor to make one smile.

Publisher: Avon, Reprint(April 13, 2010)
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