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Evidence of Murder
Evidence of Murder by Lisa Black
by Lisa Black

Jillian Perry's body is found dead in the woods.  With very few clues to go on, her death appears to be a suicide.  Jillian Perry was newly married with a daughter.  What woman walks out into the forest alone and simply freezes to death?  To forensic scientist
Theresa MacLean, something just does not add up to suicide, but can she prove it?  Fighting her own emotional crisis, this case might be exactly what she needs to focus herself.  Just as she thinks she knows the answer, another suspect emerges.  When an ex-boyfriend shows up seeking custody of Jillian's daughter, Theresa's investigation uncovers more complications.  Can she trust the information he provides?   Will Theresa find the evidence of murder to stop a possible killer in his tracks before more are harmed.

In EVIDENCE OF MURDER, a sequel to TAKEOVER, Lisa Black brings the reader inside the emotional world of forensic scientist Theresa MacLean as she recuperates from her last case.  Readers are strongly advised to read the two books in order, not only to avoid spoilers but also to discover the author's ability to portray her character with continuity from book to book.  While certain scenes lead to a chilling, dangerous chase, Lisa Black's suspense will appeal most to suspense readers looking for a mysterious puzzle rather than shock, mad races, and overkill drama that often fill the suspense genre.  The details of the crime are quite ingenious and unforgettable.  The path to discovery of this mysterious death fascinates as Theresa delves into cutting edge game technology, corporate greed and the most timeless motive, obsessive love.  Lisa Black maintains the mystery right up until the very end.  The emotional world of Theresa MacLean adds a richness to her character without dragging the novel down and away from the case itself. 
Practical, hard-working, no-nonsense, yet not without emotion, Theresa MacLean is a character who grows on a reader from book to book.

Lisa Black's entry into the suspense genre is most welcome indeed!  If you love suspense that keeps you poised on the edge of your seat by the clues rather than quick-paced action, EVIDENCE OF MURDER fits the bill.  Certainly, fast-paced scenes do lead up to the resolution, but Lisa Black's talent is most discernible in her ability to plot a case based on clues and evidence.  EVIDENCE OF MURDER is suspense that relies on an intelligent unraveling of the mystery through the forensics and suspect interviews without the gore often associated with forensic thrillers.  

Publisher:  Harper (August 31, 2010)
Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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