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URBAN FANTASY             
Eden Fell
Eden Fell by Lily
by Lily 

Fame can be both fleeting and contrary. Eden is an artist haunted by visions of a rhinoceros and a snake. She is at the pinnacle of her career and yet something is missing in her life, something that sends her into a drug-filled world as she struggles just to make it one day at a time. Her fall from grace is a lonely one. Step inside the pages and watch what happened when EDEN FELL....

Lily’s use of language is exquisite! She utilizes a variety of literary styles to create a stunning stream of consciousness in which we feel Eden’s pain, her loneliness, her heartbreak. Eden’s inability to maintain her façade is painful at times and yet the quality of the language makes it an almost poetical tragedy. The mythical and religious undertones of EDEN FELL add another layer of depth to the story as one can’t help but see the ephemeral illusions of a life marked by notoriety.

It’s not easy to make someone like Eden likable. Her self-absorption and seemingly unwillingness to take advantage of the opportunities afforded her could make her obnoxious and yet Lily shows us the demons haunting Eden. In fact, it’s hard not to cheer for Eden. The conclusion isn’t entirely unexpected and yet it is the perfect ending, one that adds a mystical quality to the story. I hesitate to say more for fear of spoilers but suffice to say that EDEN FELL is the sort of book that would be ideal for a book discussion group because of the hidden depths and the stirring quality of the narrative. EDEN FELL is sure to provoke strong feelings in the reader as Lily doesn’t pull any punches. Bravo to Lily for such a daring and edgy tale!

Publisher:  Damnation Books (September 2009)

Reviewed by Debbie, Debbie Wiley Book Reviews

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