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Digging Up Otis
Digging Up Otis by T. Dawn Richard
by T. Dawn Richard

A humorous, action-packed addition to the May List mystery repertoire!

Publisher:  Martin Brown (April 2005)    

T. Dawn Richard's DIGGING UP OTIS is an unusual mystery with an unusual sleuth. Several twists, action scenes and a surprise twist at the end keep this mystery exciting. Humor and an unusual geriatric commando unit with walkers and Depends and other ailments will go above and beyond to discover and capture the culprit.

May List, the sleuth from T. Dawn Richard's previous mystery DEATH FOR DESSERT has settled into a comfortable life after solving her last mystery at the Waning Years Estate. She missed the residents after the recent changes in her life. Giving her cat a shower and getting clawed in the process is not substitute for solving crimes. When she receives a call from one of her friends from the nursing home, she is only too ready to return. A man named Otis has gone missing and the residents are certain he has been murdered. May and her geriatric commando force will do anything to unearth the culprit even if it means digging up a corpse in the grave to take his fingerprints.

Ever since she solved discovered her first corpse in DEATH FOR DESSERT and solved the crime, May List has been fantasizing about solving more crimes. The author breaks the expected mystery formula by including forbidden actions and topics to heighten the humor. Going to a cemetery and digging up a buried corpse is certainly not accepted practice. The author makes this mystery a humorous reading journey through her characters and their mention of items not too typical in a cozy mystery like Depends, flatulence and putting underwear on backwards.

Readers who loved DEATH FOR DESSERT will love this next installment. Many of the characters are familiar as well as the location. Although this book can be read as a stand alone, it is best enjoyed after reading DEATH FOR DESSERT since some of the details in May List's life happened due to her first case. Readers will find May List not the typical elderly sleuth for sure and nice variety in the my mystery reads: Irreverent in some ways, slightly hard-boiled in a geriatric not in the sexual side rather defines the hard-boiled genre, definitely some unexpected twists at the end, and lots of action scenes too.

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