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The Desert Lord's Baby
 The Desert Lord's Baby by Olivia Gates
by Olivia Gates

Passionate, explosive, poetic!

The Desert Lord's Baby is the first of a 3 book mini-series set in the kingdom of Judar, a kingdom ruled by sheikhs and kings. Olivia Gates is as much poet as romance author in this short romance in which the language itself has all the power and passion as the hero and romance. If you like passionate romance with dynamic, powerful romantic conflicts told mostly through the heroine's viewpoint, The Desert's Lord Baby is a great choice. From the initial prologue to the last page, The Desert Lord's Baby is a fast-paced, put-on-your-seatbelt romance read.

Carmen and Farooq have a passion together, a passion so intense that it could burn up oxygen, leaving them (and the reader) gasping for air! Together, Carmen and Farooq share the intimacies of passion, their bodies hungering for each other, intoxicated by their desire. After their first night together, Farooq offers her a three month deal to accompany him on a tour for peace and relief. Carmen never even considered the monetary benefits of being a prince’s mistress. Her passion for Farooq wanted nothing more than Farooq and his love until a sudden change of circumstances forces her to rethink matters. Discovering that she is pregnant, suddenly Carmen must think of her child's future and safety. She cannot let her child be a pawn in the royal Judar household and the political intrigue that might endanger them all. She walks out on Farooq. She travels over continents to keep their presence hidden from forces she cannot control. Farooq has one passion --- to find Carmen and her baby and nothing will stop him, not even her. Hurt by her lies, Farooq is determined to make Carmen pay but can a fated love like theirs turn things around?

Powerful, passionate and virile, Farooq demands attention, not just from his royal position but from the force of his personality. Carmen is equally determined and ferocious, especially when she has her child to consider. Can Carmen protect her daughter Mennah and love Farooq at the same time? Can he not only seduce her but win her heart? Can he show her that a man can serve country and family at the same time? Can their love for one another survive when Farooq is a man destined to lead Judar, a man called forth to serve his country, through blood and through merit?

The Deserts Lord's Baby, Olivia Gates’ debut in the Silhouette Desire romance line, is a romance full of passion and emotion from beginning to end. The romantic conflict between Farooq and Carmen sizzles with dynamic energy, sensuality, and unspoken secrets. Olivia Gates puts together a hero and heroine whose passion for one another leaps up off the page. Mennah, cute and yet just as audacious as her father for grabbing what she wants, moves the reader’s heart as her presence and exuberance for life shines in the presence of her parents. Olivia Gates paints a beautiful portrait of a father loving a daughter, truly valuing his child for herself. The Desert Lord’s Baby looks at the body with powerful, poetic and unforgettable imagery --- especially during Carmen’s wedding preparations. In this romance, the reader feels the power of the body, the senses experienced by the body as amazing and beautiful, especially when love inspires her characters. In the first of the Throne of Judar trilogy, Olivia Gates captures all the passion and poetry of romance. Brava!

Publisher: Silhouette Desire (May 2008)
Series: Throne of Judar

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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