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Dare She Date the Dreamy Doc?

by Sarah Morgan
5 Stethoscopes
  5 Stethoscopes
Jenna Richards has come to Glenmore hoping for an emotional sanctuary. Her recent divorce has left her uncertain about her world. How could her ex-husband have been so different from the man she married? Her teenage daughter, Lexi, is less than thrilled about the move from London. After all, cell phone signals aren’t plentiful at Glenmore! The last thing Jenna needs is to fall for Dr. Ryan McKinley… or is it?

Sarah Morgan writes a sweet but very realistic tale with DARE SHE DATE THE DREAMY DOC? Jenna is learning to live again after discovering her ex-husband’s affairs. The romance with Ryan builds gradually as Jenna has to re-examine all she knows about herself. She’s been a married woman for so long that her readjustment to being single takes time, particularly since she has to ensure that the needs of her teenage daughter are met. I won’t reveal spoilers but the ending of DARE SHE DATE THE DREAMY DOC? is one of the most perfect endings I’ve ever read in a romance.

While the hero and heroine are the main focus of the story, DARE SHE DATE THE DREAMY DOC? has an exceptionally strong secondary character in Jenna’s daughter, Lexi. I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the comments made by Lexi as Sarah Morgan perfectly captures the voice of a teenage girl used to living in a city. I like the way we see Lexi evolve as well, as the changes in her show just how strong of a parent Jenna really is. The mother/daughter bond between Lexi and Jenna is beautiful, even when the two are bickering as one can see the love underlying it all.

Sarah Morgan does a phenomenal job at showing a single parent coping with the aftermath of a divorce and learning to love again. DARE SHE DATE THE DREAMY DOC? is a short, but very powerful tale of love blossoming even after the most devastating of circumstances. Beautiful!

Publisher: Harlequin Medical Romance #451 (July 2010)

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Reviewed by Debbie, Debbie Wiley Book Reviews

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