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Dangerous Game
Dangerous Game by Lyn Cote
by Lyn Cote
A Christian meditation on Judas

Grey Lawson returns to Winfield after being paroled from prison. After causing this fatal hit and run accident, how dare he return to this community where the wounds have yet to heal? Trish Franklin, the town's female deputy, is stuck tight in the middle. As a law officer and Christian, she must seek the truth, but when accidents begin to escalate --- accidents a little too close to that terrible past event --- can she find the culprit? Can Trish protect the town as well as Grey from the town? Can she protect her heart from the dangers Grey poses?

In this second novel of the Harbor Intrigue series, Lyn Cote grabs the reader with the first paragraph! Wow! What a way to lead into the crux of the book and the suspense! This second book steps up the suspense a couple of levels and shows Lyn Cote's skill at creating suspense in an inspirational romance. Dangerous Game draws the reader into both the suspense, the characters, and the romance. The hero and heroine are well matched here and their dilemmas deep and intriguing.

In terms of the inspirational aspect of this romance, once again Lyn Cote provides the reader with meditations on two well chosen scriptural passages and real life issues sometimes difficult for people and Christians in particular. In her "Dear Reader" note at the end of the book, Lyn Cote reflects upon the figure of Judas Iscariot. Her inscriptions talk about 2 issues: 1. God trying people like silver is refined (Psalms) and 2. faith as being more important over works lest one boast (Ephesians). The apostles never had to deal with Judas returning to the community, but the residents of Winfield have to deal with the return of Grey Lawson. Can divorce have that Judas feel of betrayal? Sometimes even a child caught up in the middle feels like a Judas pulled in two directions even though the child is innocent. Sometimes the loss caused by death and grief feel like a betrayal to the loved ones left behind. How can a Christian deal with betrayal and the Judas figures that try his/her faith? How does a Christian community deal with betrayal, wrong deeds and the one who betrays when they come back to the community with a scarier history than the Prodigal Son? How does the community deal with those who did nothing wrong, like children of divorce? Lyn Cote examines all these types of betrayals and more in this inspirational novel with many suspenseful twists and turns.

I applaud Lyn Cote for bringing alcoholism and AA into the context of a Christian community. Lyn Cote does not simplify or shy away from these tough issues in an inspirational romantic suspense novel and thus she enriches the depth of inspirational fiction. As with the first book, Lyn Cote's writing skill can be seen in the multi-level readings offered. Dangerous Game can be enjoyed as a light inspirational romance but can also provide reading groups and individuals with interesting discussion points for a more thorough examination.

Publisher: Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense (May 2007)
Series: Harbor Intrigue
Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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