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Cruising Attitude
Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama and Crazy Passengers at 35,000 Feet
Cruising Attitude
                                                  by Heather Poole
by Heather Poole

In CRUISING ATTITUDE, Heather Poole recounts some of the crazy moments of her life as a flight attendant for more than fifteen years.  First, a flight attendant for a low budget airline, Sun Jet International Airlines (nothing international about it), readers encounter some horrifying tales of duct tape repairs and crazy passengers.  Then, readers follow her through the interview process at a major airline, flight attendant school and her first days on probation as a new flight attendant.  Heather Poole intermingles stories of her job with stories of the people she meets along the journey from passengers to roommates in her crash pad apartments. 

CRUISING ATTITUDE is a fun book for frequent flyers and neophytes alike.  Heather Poole unmasks the mystique of the flight attendant's job with sobering tales of the struggle to meet the basic needs of life such as cheap housing and food.   She and her fellow attendants will go through some crazy antics to get a good meal or a place to stay overnight.  Despite the sobering look at the profession, CRUISING ATTITUDE has a slightly sassy, humorous attitude.  Heather Poole strikes an excellent balance between revealing the less savory parts of the profession with an energetic, upbeat tone
.  CRUISING ATTITUDE is an intriguing mixture of information about the profession and gossip about the outrageous things everyday and celebrity (unnamed mostly) passengers do.  CRUISING ATTITUDE is not an exhaustive definitive look into the profession nor is it meant to be.  In one breath, Heather Poole gets back at all the insanity passengers and pilots have made her and her colleagues endure, but never with a particularly mean or vengeful tone.  Just in the telling but of the events from the flight attendant's point of view, one gains a whole new perspective.  After reading CRUISING ATTITUDE, one will never look at flight attendants the same again.  Heather Poole claims the respect they are due while also sharing her joys of the profession.

Briefly, the author makes mention of how things have changed since 9/11.  She might have expanded on these changes, particularly those that have little to do with security (which probably can't be shared).  The happy ending quickly changes the tone of the book into a more personal perspective.  While the ending explains more current changes in her life as well as the course of events that lead to the writing of the book, it was not as tight as the bulk of the previous pages.

If you are looking for a refreshing change of pace, CRUISING ATTITUDE definitely fits the bill.  I had so much fun reading it that I read large sections aloud to my husband who was equally intrigued by this book.  He did not want me to stop reading and I, myself, only put the book down to sleep, only to pick it up again the first minute I could.  Fun, fun, fun!  Although we have both flown quite a bit, we never imagined that craziness flight attendants might encounter, the low pay or the other working conditions imposed on flight attendants.  CRUISING ATTITUDE is a must read for anyone considering the profession.  If you know someone considering it, CRUISING ATTITUDE would make a perfect gift.  But even seldom flying readers, CRUISING ATTITUDE is a fun eye-opener.  This reader would most definitely look forward to any future books from this author.

Publisher: William Morrow (March 6, 2012)

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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