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A Cowboy Christmas
A Cowboy Christmas by Janette Kenny
by Janette Kenny

Ellie Jo Cade arrives in Maverick, Wyoming straight from the Denver Academy for Young Ladies to be a hpusekeeper at the Crown Seven Ranch.  She has every intention of making this Christmas as special as they come, even if her culinary skills are not quite as advertised but trouble follows her, even as far as Wyoming. First there is the sexy cowboy who means to show her the difference between what is proper and what is pleasurable.  As if that were not enough trouble, a simplewish to spend Christams with her father leads to a dangerous game.   Wanted far and wide for murder. Ellie Jo's father must protect his new identity.  Will she be able to see her father without tipping off the Marshall?   Will those around her see through her clever disguise? 

Reid Barclay has more serious things on his mind than the festivities of the holiday and cannot afford to be distracted by the beautiful newcomer.   Not only must he protect his prize thoroughbreds from thieves but he means to track down the outlaw who ruined his life and bring him to justice --- dead or alive.  From the first moment he saw her, Reid was taken by Ellie Jo, but something just doesn't match up.  Why has such a proper lady come to the Crown Seven Ranch?  As trouble at the Crown Seven escalates, Reid and Ellie Jo will come head to head.  Will the growing love between them set the past right and help them seek the truth behind those events of the past?  Will Ellie Jo and Reid discover the magic of Christmas, a magic that transforms hearts and puts things right?

From the very first pages, Janette Kenny's western historical romance A COWBOY CHRISTMAS takes the reader into the heart of the west and her characters.  Set in a period right after Wyoming was admitted to the Union as the first state that allowed women to vote and Colorado's men just voted to give women the vote, A COWBOY CHRISTMAS paints a portrait of a woman not quite at ease with the suffragette moement, but nevertheless, a woman with grit despite the proper image she projects.  In dialogue and description, the conflict creates a wonderful tension as Ellie Jo and Reid encounter one another.  The characters just leap off the page.  The chemistry between them sizzles while the past threatens to unravel the love developing between them.  Ellie Jo steals the heart,  for her sometimes humorous cooking adventures and also for her warmth, intelligence and determination.  Reid is a man determimed to make his way in the world, a man loyal to friends, and a man set on avenging the wrong done to him.  Ellie Jo is just the woman Reid needs to temper Reid, to confront him and teach him so that the past can truly be set right.

A COWBOY CHRISTMAS is a perfect romance to start the Christmas reading season.  A COWBOY CHRISTMAS combines action and suspenseful western drama with a heart-warming romance that sets the past right, transforming the characters into a new future beyond their wildest hopes.  Janette Kenny knows how to create nasty villains to keep a reader on the edge of his/her seat as Ellie Jo and Reid seek to unravel the trouble ahead.  Janette Kenny brings the 19th western Christmas alive with holiday smells and tastes.  Without resorting to simplistic holiday sappiness, A COWBOY CHRISTMAS adds just the right holiday atmosphere to move the heart, while also adding just enough western intrigue to keep the pages flying.  In A COWBOY CHRISTMAS, Janette Kenny brings the magic of Christmas and romance to two delightful characters for whom impossibilities become transformed into possibilities. 

Publisher: Kensington Zebra (October 2009)

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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