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Countess Confidential
Countess Confidential by Barbara Dawson Smith
by Barbara Dawson Smith

Delightful Deception!

Barbara Dawson Smith does it again with a delightful story of seduction and mystery. Everyone is not who they appear to be in this search for a countess and a thief. Claire Hollybrooke's mother Lady Emily Warrington married a scholar years ago and was shunned by her family and the ton. She died never reuniting with her family. Claire's father is arrested for the theft of jewels stolen from the Warrington household by a thief called "The Wraith." After his arrest Claire is determined to prove her father's innocence. She impersonates a widow and hires on as a companion to her cousin Lady Rosabel. Simon Croft, the Earl of Rockford, and the undercover Bow Street Runner who arrested Claire's father, has decided he needs a wife. On a wager he decides he will marry the first woman he meets at a ball. Claire runs into his arms in the garden, but since he cannot marry her because she is a companion, he pursues her cousin Rosabel. But it is Claire he wants to seduce and the more he sees her, the more he desires her. The tension builds as Claire works to discover the secrets to clear her father, while yearning to know her family that does not know her. Claire does not know who the thief is, the family and Simon do not know who Claire is, and Claire does not know who Simon is. All of this, together with seduction and mystery keeps the reader captivated to the very end. A book difficult to put down. A truly enjoyable historical romance suspense!

Publisher: St. Martin's (February 2006)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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