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Conqueror's Kiss
Conqueror's Kiss by Hannah Howell
by Hannah Howell

Another Entertaining Scottish Historical Romance!

Hannah Howell never disappoints readers who enjoy a well-written and researched Scottish Historical Romance. This blend of the English and Scottish takes place duing the time of the wars between "The Bruce" and King Edward. Sir Hacon Gillard has fought ten long years for the Scottish King and yearns for his lands to be returned and for the fighting to someday stop. He is beginning to tire of the destruction and unnecessary killing of innocents that many of his fellow knights seem to enjoy. As the Scottish enter an English village to pillage a convent he enters the room where the beautiful novice Jennet Graeme is hiding. From a poor Scottish family she has taken refuge in the convent, but finds there is no place that is really a place of refuge. Hacon is immediately drawn to her and takes her as plunder. Jannet is afraid of being raped and brutalized as her mother and so many other women have been, but she soon finds Hacon does not mean to hurt her, but to treat her gently and seduce her. As the weeks and months go by he is drawn to her spirit as well as her beauty. She soon warms to him and his men and finds herself giving in to the handsome and kind knight. Because Hacon is noble and kind, he has many enemies within his own ranks and soon finds himself fighting for his own life. Many attempts are made to set up his murder during battles. Soon the fighting ends and he returns to his lands and marries Jannet. But the idyllic ends as the ultimate attack comes when he is set up and named as traitor. Jannet may be a wee little wench, as Hacon is know to call her, but her strong character and love saves Hacon and his lands, when a very pregnant Jannet travels to the King and testifies in Hacon's defense. The story and characters are well-developed and the struggles of the people are felt as well as the love they have for their land, king and each other. There are light moments that make you smile and laugh out loud; especially with Jennet's rogue of a father. The seduction and passion of Hacon and Jennet will not disappoint, as like other Hannah Howell romances, the love scenes are beautifully written. A Scottish Historical by Hannah Howell is always an enjoyable and interesting read and if read in chronological order; they are like reading a long recorded history. I enjoyed this book as much as any of the others and look forward to the next one. 

Publisher: Zebra (November 2006)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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