The Cinderella Murder

by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke

Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke team up in a promising new suspense series in THE CINDERELLA MURDER.   Laurie Moran, the host of the reality drama Under Suspicion, has her job cut out for her trying to gain access to all those from the past surrounding the case of murdered Susan Dempsey.  Laurie Moran's own past drives her to find answers and bring resolution for the family.  As she tries to ferret out new clues for this cold case and assess the character of those surrounding the victim, she herself is being watched.  The closer she gets to solving the mystery, the more danger threatens her and those around her.

THE CINDERELLA MURDER is a fast-paced work of suspense with riveting twists and turns until the very end.  Each chapter ends with a sentence that compels the reader to keep reading rather than put down the book.  Even though the authors let the reader hear the inner dialogue of some of the characters close to the murder, several surprises await.

Every time I read a work of suspense by Mary Higgins Clark, I see the mystery as if in film.  Indeed, I have enjoyed watching several movies based upon her books.  The same holds true THE CINDERELLA MURDER.  As someone who has read both authors, I am left wondering which author wrote what.  The general style is indistinguishable from novels written by Mary Higgins Clark.  Alafair Burke did an excellent job in adapting her writing to the style of the Mary Higgins Clark --a great choice to pair these two authors together.  Hopefully, as the Under Suspicion series continues, readers will see more glimpses of Alafair's Burke's skill in characterization will infuse more of the series.  Laurie Moran is an interesting character I hope to see more.  THE CINDERELLA MURDER is the kind of book one can sit down and read all at once on a rain or snow day.  It is a quick read-- the mystery itself makes one want to race forward.   At the same time, THE CINDERELLA MURDER is a perfect reading choice for a hectic and distracted time.  The chapters are short and the story memorable enough that one can put it down and pick it up again in short bursts.  This reader is most eager for the next book in the series!

Publisher:  Simon and Schuster (Nov 18, 2014)

Publisher's Description
Television producer Laurie Moran is delighted when the pilot for her reality drama, Under Suspicion, is a success. Even more, the program—a cold case series that revisits unsolved crimes by recreating them with those affected—is off to a fantastic start when it helps solve an infamous murder in the very first episode.

Now Laurie has the ideal case to feature in the next episode of Under Suspicion: the Cinderella Murder. When Susan Dempsey, a beautiful and multi-talented UCLA student, was found dead, her murder raised numerous questions. Why was her car parked miles from her body? Had she ever shown up for the acting audition she was due to attend at the home of an up-and-coming director? Why does Susan’s boyfriend want to avoid questions about their relationship? Was her disappearance connected to a controversial church that was active on campus? Was she close to her computer science professor because of her technological brilliance, or something more? And why was Susan missing one of her shoes when her body was discovered?

With the help of lawyer and Under Suspicion host Alex Buckley, Laurie knows the case will attract great ratings, especially when the former suspects include Hollywood’s elite and tech billionaires. The suspense and drama are perfect for the silver screen—but is Cinderella’s murderer ready for a close-up?

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