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URBAN FANTASY             
Child of Fire
Child of Fire by Harry Connolly
by Harry Connolly

Annalise Powliss has been forbidden to kill Ray Lilly but that doesn’t mean he feels safe around her. As her driver, he’s accompanying her on her latest mission, knowing his own life may be lost in the process. Someone is abusing magical spells in the town of Hammer Bay and it is Annalise’s job to kill the sorcerer behind those spells. Who is destroying the children of Hammer Bay and can Ray and Annalise stop them? And will Ray get a chance to step out on his own to show Annalise that he’s trustworthy after all?

CHILD OF FIRE is a dark tale in which the lines between good and evil blur and shift. Harry Connolly has crafted a storyline that defies some of the usual stereotypes of urban fantasy as the characters all have a darker, devious side to them. Ray is the hero of the story but he’s almost more of an anti-hero. His past is gradually unveiled as the tale progresses but there are still mysteries left for future books in the Twenty Palaces series. His boss, Annalise, is an even bigger mystery but she definitely has a vicious side. Not everything Ray or Annalise does is comfortably heroic as they are caught in a war where sometimes innocents can and must die for the greater good.

CHILD OF FIRE sets off on a fast pace in which the action is almost unrelenting. However, Harry Connolly doesn’t sacrifice character development or world building in the process but instead incorporates both into the pace of the tale. In fact, it is the revelation of the various mysteries that makes CHILD OF FIRE so tantalizing. One wants to keep reading just to uncover answers to the questions about the Twenty Palaces Society and the history behind Ray and Annalise. Bravo to Harry Connolly for such a spectacular first novel!

Publisher: Del Rey (October 2009)

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