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The Boss and Nurse Albright
 The Boss and Nurse Albright by Lynne Marshall
by Lynne Marshall

5 Stethoscopes
A must read romance!

The past haunts Dr. Jason Rogers.  Preoccupied by his medical practice and his patients, he has difficulty allowing himself to get close to anyone. When Nurse Practitioner Claire Albright begins her new job, she is excited to join a practice where she will be able to put her personal knowledge of holistic medicine together with her medical knowledge.  There's just one problem.  Dr. Jason Rogers wants nothing to do with her medical mumbo jumbo!  Actually, there is more than one problem, to say nothing of Claire's daughter --- so why does he feel himself so powerfully attracted to her?  Can Claire prove to Dr. Jason Rogers the value of her work?  Claire has had her heart broken before.  Can she learn to trust again?  Will Claire and Jason be able to put the past behind them and find true love?

In THE BOSS AND NURSE ALBRIGHT, Lynne Marshall creates realistic, lovable characters, lovable for both their ideals and their human weaknesses.  Jason is a doctor dedicated to his patients but his wounded soul cuts him off from the very intimacy he needs to live life again to its fullness.  Claire Albright is the perfect key to opening his heart again.  She too is dedicated to medicine and her patients.  Her professional approach to medicine, holistic and traditional, opens doors.  Claire has a strength about her, a strength earned from her life experience.  Together, Claire and Jason find the kind of deep love that is earned through working their way through the bumps that life and relationships have to offer.   Lynne Marshall knows how to take readers right to the edge before giving readers a happy ending, an ending all the more emotional and satisfying precisely because of the difficulties they face.  Love is earned through experience and those experiences create a depth of love readers know that will last past the ending.  Wonderfully moving!

In THE BOSS AND NURSE ALBRIGHT, and indeed all of her romances, Lynne Marshall writes romances that speak to a reader.  Lynne Marshall creates a perfect combination of emotional realism, romantic conflict, and heartfelt sweetness.  Her children are adorable, truly adorable without being too sweet to be believable.  Lynne Marshall kows how to pull the heart strings in just the right measure!  The last page leaves a reader with a feeling of hope and idealism, not only for her characters but for life as well.  Lynne Marshall's romances are an extra special treat.  If you crave a romance with the emotional power to invigorate both heart and hope, Lynne Marchall's romances, and THE BOSS AND NURSE ALBRIGHT, in particular, are must reads!

Publisher: Harlequin Medical Romance (April 2010)
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Also published in the UK

Mills and Boon Medical 2 in 1 Medical Romance  (March 2009)
with A Mother For Matilda by Amy Andrews

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews

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