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From the 12th century, this is thought to be the first written document in the Catalan language

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Billionaire M.D.
 Billionaire M.D. by Olivia Gates
by Olivia Gates

  Passionate and emotional with amazing hero

When Cybele Wilkinson awakens, renowned neurosurgeon Rodrigo Valderrama stands before her, a man whose beauty and power fill her first thoughts.  A plane crash has left her with no memory and a body struggling to survive.  Rodrigo tends to her with absolute dedication, skill, and patience.  Widowed and pregnant, Cybele has emotional wounds that go far deeper than her physical ones.   As her doctor, Rodrigo must keep the intense passion he feels for Cybele in check.  As her husband's best friend, Rodrigo's duty goes even further.  Can either Rodrigo or Cybele deny the love that is growing between them?  Knowing he must protect her, Rodrigo takes her away to his estate but can he truly keep the past from her?  At all costs, he must keep her from learning the truth about her pregnancy, but can he?  With the grief and suffering that has brought them to this point, how can Rodrigo and Cybele find a path to true love?  Will the truth set them free?

In BILLIONAIRE, M.D., Olivia Gates gives her own unique take on several classic romance themes, combining them in exciting ways to escalate the passion, the emotion and the wow factor of her romance hero.  Anyone can say a man looks like a god, but Olivia Gates truly makes a reader feel the beauty of Rodrigo outside --- and inside as well.  The reader sees him through Cybele's eyes, eyes that reveal the full impact his presence has on her.  Wow!  Dr. Olivia Gates brings all her experience of medicine and writing medical romances into play in her newest Desire romance to create a passionate hero whose dedication to his profession exemplifies compassion, honor and courage.   Although wealthy, this billionaire doctor is a man who uses his wealth not to aggrandize himself but rather to help others and further research and advances in his field, a field that serves others.  How delightful to see this author bring her medical characters into the Desire line!  Not only do they fit in perfectly with the line, but they add a nice variety and depth to the line itself. 

In BILLIONAIRE M.D., the setting adds to the romance. Olivia Gates brings the history and culture of Catalan Spain in a way that magnifies the heroic qualities of Rodrigo while also giving a reader insights into the place as well as her characters.  This reader appreciates the author's attention to culture as well as character.  Olivia Gates not only sees the landscape of her heroes but also deep into the emotions, conflicts, and personal histories that motivate them.  Olivia Gates knows how to make her romance heroes into uniquely distinctive and memorable individuals in a reader's heart.  Neurosurgeon Rodrigo Valderrama definitely leaves a profound impression.

BILLIONAIRE M.D. is everything Olivia Gates fans have grown to love.  The passion is breathtaking, the emotion intense and the writing sensual. The author coins the richest turns of language, bringing a kind of poetic sensibility to the language of passion.  If you love intense, emotional romances that take you into new emotional places beyond yourself, Olivia Gates and
BILLIONAIRE M.D are must reads. If you love moving romance, grab a tissue, reserve some time, minimize interruptions, open your imagination and plunge into the pages of Rodrigo and Cybele.  If you are already an Olivia Gates fan, like this reader, BILLIONAIRE M.D. is a keeper through and through.

Publisher: Silhouette Desire (April 13, 2010)
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Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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