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Betrayal o Trust
Betrayal of Trust by J.A. Jance
by J.A. Jance


The shocking video of what appears to be a snuff film is discovered on the cell phone of the grandson of Gerry Willis, the governor of the state of Washington.  Hoping for discretion, the governor seeks the help of his old friend J.P. Beaumont.  The evidence seems ironclad.  A young girl appears to be involved in the popular choking game but suddenly the game turns sinister.  Josh swears he knows nothing about the video.  As J.P.Beaumont and his partner, Mel Soames, investigate, the clues take them into unexpected territory from the family history of the governor to the darker sides of troubled teens.   Memories of Beamont's childhood past return but nothing can prepare him or Mel for the devastating secrets this case will reveal.

J.A. Jance's latest installment in the J.P. Beaumont series is a mystery full of rich characters, well-plotted clues, intriguing diversions on the way to the final resolution, and topically current issues.  The author reveals intriguing insights into Beaumont's character.   BETRAYAL OF TRUST can be enjoyed both by fans of the series as well as series newcomers.   Thanks to the author's exceptional skill in characterization, Beaumont's character becomes richer with each book.  Newcomers can also enter this case without the long series rehash at the beginning that sometimes often accompanies longstanding series.  The author's striking contrasts in the socio-economic settings of her characters as well as the choices made by individual characters heighten the emotion of the story.  J.A. Jance's new mystery, true to its title, examines multiple layers of the betrayal of trust from the appearance of the video to those closest to the victim and the perpetrator.  Betrayal of trust ripples out, affecting almost everyone.  To say more would give away too much of the plot.  Quite simply, BETRAYAL OF TRUST is a fantastic mystery, the kind of mystery that takes readers into the world of the story.   The pace of the story is perfect.  The story flows easily from scene to scene, page to page.  J.A. Jance is a fantastic storyteller.  BETRAYAL OF TRUST is a superb reading choice for mystery lovers wanting to delve into a well-told story and quite a memorable case, the kind of case that will keep one thinking after the first page.  If you haven't tried this author's mysteries yet, perhaps afraid of her large backlist, don't hesitate.   J.A. Jance and J.P. Beaumont are well worth discovering!

Publisher:  William Morrow (July 5, 2011)
J. P. Beaumont Novel
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