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Bedding The Baron
  Bedding The Baron by Deborah Raleigh
by Deborah Raleigh

Wickedly Enjoyable!

The beautiful Miss Grace Banbury has not only been the beauty, but the brains in her highly dysfunctional family of gamblers and has always found a way to get her brother and mother out of their waging messes. But this time, her mother has done the ultimate insult and has not only gambled away the family's homes, property, and a priceless violin, which is one of Grace's most important possessions, but her along with it! The handsome Daniel Throckmorten has always turned everything he touches into gold and has a knack for recognizing a good gamble and business deal that will pay off well, but he discovers the shock at winning the beautiful Grace, especially when he is in the market for a new mistress. Upon seeing her beauty and intelligence, he is taken with her and his feelings begin to somewhat soften. How can he keep up his image of being a scoundrel and rake that has kept his image of success within society in business and bed going if he turns soft on Miss Banbury and allows her to win the wager?

Suddenly Grace finds herself in a position that she never thought she would be in: a wager with a scoundrel no less! If Daniel cannot seduce her into his bed within two weeks she will lose all, but most of all she wants the priceless violin so that she can sell it and save her brother. And this is indeed a sacrifice, because Grace loves music and that violin, but she loves her brother Edward more and wants to save him before he becomes as bad as her mother, has no property and will never find a wife. As Daniel begins his seduction of Grace he begins to see her beauty is more than skin deep. And as Grace feels her passion weakening and giving into Daniel, she realizes that it is the violin and music that is between them more than the wager, and that this scoundrel is really a gentleman. Desire blazes and mysteries are uncovered regarding Daniel and Grace's family. When Grace discovers Daniel is training Edward in how to choose good business deals that pay off other than gambling, she soon begins to realize that maybe a scoundrel can be trusted, but most of all both Grace and Daniel realize that all along the wager is not as important as family and love.

Gayle Callen in her usually sensual style has written another romance that is about a rake, rogue and/or scoundrel that romance readers love to hate and end up loving even more! Once again Ms. Callen has written another book that readers will absorb and lose all track of time. She cannot write fast enough!

Publisher: Zebra (March 2008)
Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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