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Autumn in Scotland
Autumn in Scotland by Karen Ranney
by Karen Ranney

Passionate Scottish Historical of Deception and Seduction

Charlotte Haversham is a lovely, strong, intelligent young woman who just happens to have been abandoned by everyone. Her husband, the Earl of Marne, who married her for her money and then left with it all after only one week of marriage, and her family who wrote her off for good when she drove off to the wilds of Scotland to live in his ruin of a castle. Her grandfather just happens to have left her a bit of money, so she invests it in remodeling the run down castle and starts the Caledonia School for the Advancement of Females. Five long years she works to make a life for herself in a land where the people still think of her as a crazy English lady coming to invade and change their land. Just as she finishes the first successful year and the graduation ceremony and ball is about to begin her long lost husband, George, shows up. The deception begins as this is not really George, but his cousin Dixon MacKinnon, who has been in the far east making his fortune and has returned to make amends with his cousin George and family. He is surprised at the changes, the missing of George, but most of all is immediately taken with with Charlotte. He continues the deception and begins a seduction so passionate that all culminates in one night and one phrase to Charlotte, "come to my bed." Charlotte is confused by this "new" George that she doesn't remember being so tall, more handsome and more passionate. She has hated him for years, but now finds herself in love with him and this new passion he has brought out in her and she knows he will leave again and this time break her heart for good. The story is well-written and the secondary characters are all interesting. Matthew, Dixon's oriental companion and his relationship with a lame maid Maisie is heartwarming. The group of ladies involved in the group called "The Edification Society," who feel they need to start meeting at Charlotte's estate in order to help Charlotte along in her sexual response to her husband are hilarious. There is a surprise ending with more confusion and a little bit of heartache, but I won't give it away! Autumn in Scotland is an entertaining story that is enjoyable with strong characters and a bit of mystery that holds the reader's interest from beginning to end and is yet another book to add to the long list of Karen Ranney Scottish Historicals to romance collections.

Publisher: Avon (December 2006)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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