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At The Greek Boss's Bidding
 At The Greek Boss's Bidding by Jane Porter
  by Jane Porter

A classic Jane Porter romance thrill!
Jane Porter's At The Greek Boss's Bidding is a contemporary romance focusing on The Greek Tycoon as the hero in a series. Jane Porter is the ultimate at writing explosive romance that takes the reader on roller-coaster with a range of emotions along with her characters --- and this is one of the author's best short romances! Sensual, driven by conflict, intensity and overwhelming physical attraction, this romance is a riveting and fun read.

Recovering from a horrifying accident, Kristian Koumantaros uses a wheelchair and is blind. Despite his physical limitations, Kristian is a powerful and seductive force who would match and better any walking man. When he sends away every nurse Elizabeth Hatchet sends him, her small company is nearly bankrupt from expenses. She decides that the only solution is to deal with this impossible patient herself even if it means a trip to Athens and a donkey ride up through winding paths to the remote monastery-turned-estate in Taygetos. Explosive banter, sexual attraction, plot twists, emotional twists and quite a few underlying secrets lead to excitement. Elizabeth is a source of frustration to the hero because she is a physical therapist and enforces a rigorous rehabilitation plan on this powerful Greek tycoon. Kristian is powerful and used to being in charge and having people obey his commands. Unlike all his other nurses, Elizabeth is strong and independent. She refuses to be wound around his finger. As the sparks of frustration and passion grow between Kristian and Elizabeth, will the electricity heat up enough to ignite or will they somehow find a way to their hearts? When their past secrets are exposed, can romance win or will the past overshadow their passion?

At The Greek Boss's Bidding is a wonderful romance that is superbly written and a delight to read. The prologue hooks in the reader from the beginning and never lets up. The emotions range from tense drama to moments of tenderness. Both characters are dynamic, strong and independent. Just when the two reach a calm, an exposed secret or a person, enters. Kristian and Elizabeth are both faced with challenges that heighten the passion and expose the person beneath. Jane Porter's writing is magnificent in all the ways that count: careful attention to setting, character development and plot development. Whereas the reader experiences a face paced roller coaster ride, Jane Porter creates each detail with sharp meticulous precision. Magnificent!

Publisher: Harlequin Presents  (April 2007)

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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