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And Then He Kissed Her
And Then He Kissed Her by Laura Lee Guhrke 
by Laura Lee Guhrke

Sexy Flawless Romance!

The 30 year-old spinster Miss Emmaline Dove is an efficient secretary to the handsome, sexy rogue and successful newspaper and businessman, Viscount Harry Marlowe. She has kept his extremely disorganized life in check, making him appear the most organized nobleman in society. His office and home run flawlessly. She purchases all of his personal gifts for family and mistresses, and even steps in as the role of comforter to those discarded. She takes comfort in her role and her ordered life, continuing to work for him in order to convince him to publish her book of etiquette. He turns down her most recent effort, published under the name of Mrs. Bartleby. When Emma asks for constructive criticism as to why the work was rejected, he responds with, "Who is Mrs. Bartleby?" and she realizes he has never taken the time to read any of her manuscripts. Downhearted and then furious she resigns her position. When she enters a shop to purchase a beautiful peacock fan she has had her eye on for a long time, she discovers a beautiful young debutante is purchasing it. It is then that she realizes how much of her life has passed by while attending to the needs of Viscount Marlowe.

Harry is beside himself! Where is his efficient, unremarkable and uncomplicated Emma? His life and most importantly, his schedule, is a mess. He is running late and missing appointments, documents are missing, and his staff is panicked. When he realizes that Emma has resigned, he is determined to get her back. When he arrives at her flat in order to convince her to return, Emma informs him she will be working for his most severe competition and will be writing her own weekly newspaper etiquette column in the Social Gazette.

Emma's new job is a dream come true. She is an instant success! She no longer has to worry about that rogue Viscount Marlowe, and she has more money than she ever had before. Harry is even more miserable. Not only is his business and personal calendar a wreck, but now he has to spend his breakfast listening to his mother and sisters constantly praise Mrs. Bartleby! Seeing that he cannot lure Emma back as his secretary, he purchases the Social Gazette. Emma is suddenly in constant contact with Harry and is troubled by growing feelings of attraction. Harry is beginning to wonder why Emma is appearing more attractive. Desire and passion build and soon Emma is in the arms of Harry. Harry is in heaven with his Emma. When Emma agrees to become his mistress, he purchases a cottage away from the city where they spend idyllic weekends. But can Emma continue to hide Mrs. Bartleby's true identity and her affair with Harry from her friends? When Harry realizes that he truly loves Emma, can he take the step from lover to husband?

And Then He Kissed Her is Laura Lee Guhrke's best novel to date. It is a well-developed pleasurable read that grabs hold of the reader from the first page to the very end. It is sexy and witty with strong characters throughout. This is a book not to be missed!

Publisher: Avon (March 2007)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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