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An Affinity for Murder
An Affinity for Murder by Anne White
by Anne White

An Affinity for Murder, an affinity for Georgia O'Keefe

Publisher:  Oak Tree Press (April 2001)

Anne White's cozy small town mystery An Affinity for Murder delights readers by continuing her Lake George mystery series with a different sleuth, a journalist pursuing a story. Georgia O'Keefe's painting take center stage in this mystery.

Ellen Davies plans a feature story on the artist Georgia O'Keefe who spent her summers at Lake George. When she goes to visit an art critic Edward Maranville for background material, she discovers a fire and a body burned beyond recognition and a knife stuck in his back. As Ellen pursues the story, a group of paintings hidden in a locked closet vanish. Only the painting of the black iris remains behind but even that painting might become a dangerous possession. As Ellen researches her Georgia O'Keefe story, danger lurks in unexpected places as a murderer follows her path.

Anne White's An Affinity for Murder is a wonderful mystery read with the coziness of a small town atmosphere. The reader sees another aspect of Lake George as Anne White turns her focus on new characters as they explore part of the town's history and small town rumors. With the exploration of Georgia O'Keefe's work and her history in Lake George, Anne White adds a richness to this mystery through her sensuous descriptions of Georgia O'Keefe's flower paintings as well as discussions of the artist's technique, her relationship with the famous photographer Alfred Steiglitz and other corners of the art world. An Affinity for Murder is unforgettable --- a delight for mystery and art fans!  As Anne White turns her vision to this corner of the Lake George town, the series grows organically, giving both newness and familiarity as the reader re-enters the wonderful community of Lake George.

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