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After the Kiss
  After the Kiss by Suzanne Enoch
by Suzanne Enoch

Sensually Thrilling New Series!

Suzanne Enoch has a long history of writing highly entertaining and sensual Regency romances. The first book in her new Notorious Gentlemen Series is off to a great start. Sullivan Waring is the notorious gentleman in this fascinating debut. He is a handsome and self-assured man who is well sought out by every gentleman of the ton for the highly prized horses he breeds. But other than his horses, he is kept at arm's length out of the social circles of the aristocracy because he is the known, but unspoken of illegitimate son of the Marquis of Dunston, a well-respected member of the ton who never recognized Sullivan.

Sullivan discovers further insult to injury upon his return from fighting in Spain. His mother, a talented artist, passed away while he was at war. Knowing that her paintings were to be left to her son, his illegitimate family had sold them to highly placed members of the ton, knowing as an outsider in this social circle he would never get the opportunity to enter the homes of the ton and discover where the paintings are located, nor would he have the power to purchase them back. Sullivan embarks on a plan of revenge on his father. While building his successful breeding business, he becomes the famous thief, The Mayfair Marauder, thus becoming a further embarrassment to his father and enjoying the blackmail knowing that his father would not reveal him as the thief and add further scandal to the family. With his horse business and a well-placed aristocrat friend Phineas Bromley his perfectly developed plan to re-obtain the paintings is nearly finished. Until the night he robs the home of the Marquis of Darshear. Just as he is to make his usual perfect exit, he instead finds a perfectly lovely lady in his path. To throw her off he kisses her senseless and suddenly discovers he is not only spellbound, but discovered. The lovely Isabel at first frightened, becomes enthralled and a bit devious by removing Sullivan's mask during the kiss. Sullivan comes to realize "After the Kiss" that the lovely and intelligent lady now has reversed his plans of revenge and blackmail back on to him. Isabel has been bored with the men in her social circles and immediately taken with this handsome and kiss stealing thief, creates a blackmail plan so that she can continue seeing him and find out more about the man behind the kiss as well as the mask. Sullivan knows now that he has met his match when he falls into Isabel's blackmail scheme. She promises to not to turn him in if he will allow her father to purchase one of his best horses and teach her to ride every day. Each day Sullivan jumps to Isabel's commands due to that special kiss that caught him in Isabel's blackmail net. A kiss that seems to draw Isabel and Sullivan to each other more than they both expected with a desire and passion that builds and becomes more sensual with each new encounter. Now that Sullivan has been uncovered and discovered by the beautiful Isabel and his revenge and blackmail have taken a reverse in this highly charged, sensual relationship, will Sullivan's identity be discovered? But most of all will the Marquis of Dunston ever legally recognize Sullivan as his son?

The characters are interesting, enchanting and the verbal banter highly entertaining. "After the Kiss" is a well-written story containing many mysteries, secrets and highly charged sensuality. Each page is a delight making it difficult to put this book down. Ms. Enoch, already a favorite with many romance fans, is getting better and better with each book. This series is destined as a definite keeper. This reviewer is looking forward to the next book in The Notorious Gentleman Series about Sullivan's friend Phineas Bromley!

Publisher: Avon (June 2008)
Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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