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About Last Night...
 About Last Night... by Smantha Hunter
by Samantha Hunter
5 Hearts
Intimate best friends romance: playful and redemptive love
Best friends Miranda Carter and Colin Jacobs have known each other so closely but somehow there relationship is stuck on the friend level. Miranda decides to take things into her own hands and take charge. If he won't make a move, she will! After having invited her best buddy over with a command, she dresses in sexy lingerie and plans to seduce him for once and for all! In a sudden twist, Colin throws a kink into her seduction plans especially when amnesia makes him forget that one unbridled night of passion. That night must have happened after all even if he can't remember because Miranda feels so right. Can best friends become lovers, especially after they discover the secrets they keep from each other? Or will discovering the unshared secrets bring them closer than ever before? A man of integrity, can Colin love Miranda in her most vulnerable moments, not only those intimate moments shared among lovers but also when she makes a mistake? Can Miranda break down some of the barriers Colin builds to protect himself? Through loving her, will he learn to reach out to others?

Samantha Hunter's ABOUT LAST NIGHT... opens with a playful, sexy atmosphere as Miranda takes charge of her own desires. As Miranda changes the dynamic of how normal everyday life is seen, she opens up their friendship and Colin's mind new possibilities. Samantha Hunter reinforces the theme of friendship romance with a secondary romance between Travis and Penny. The reader not only feels the friendship between the main characters but Samantha Hunter increases the level of playfulness and friendship intimacy as the reader also sees Miranda and Colin through the eyes of their friends. Miranda is not a perfect character in her actions, especially as she withholds vital information from Colin but their friendship, love and knowledge of each other is the heart of this story. Theirs is a friendship and a love that can withstand the momentary foibles and weaknesses that life and intimacy brings. Colin is a man of integrity, not only in his job but in his personal relationships but can he act with honor when he makes a possible misstep and cannot control the outcome? The reader sees Miranda's imperfections or lapses but in seeing those, the reader also feels the depth of the friendships between Samantha Hunter's characters, a special friendship that sees a friend with a certain kindness and a spirit of generosity underneath. Several tense moments add to the exciting drama as lies and misunderstandings abound, and not just between the main characters! Samantha Hunter concludes this romance with a very powerful ending that left this reader gasping with the excitement of the story's twist. In the final pages, dramatic moments combine with a richness in depth that reverberates backwards, drawing together preceding details (Derek, Colin's brother and Penny details included) into the final eye-opening surprise twist between Miranda and Colin. Samantha Hunter's ABOUT LAST NIGHT... takes all the steaminess of the Blaze line and adds a special richness, even a spiritual dimension as friendship opens up the most intimate physical moment, allowing Colin and Miranda to see and share one another's sexuality with a generosity of spirit that touches their friendship.

Publisher: Harlequin Blaze (March 2005)

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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