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A Little Bit Wicked
A Little Bit Wicked by Victoria Alexander 
by Victoria Alexander

Wickedly Good Start!

The first of four books in Victoria Alexander's new "Last Man Standing" Series begins with this first of four books about four of the ton's most eligible bachelors determined not to be snared into the trap of love and marriage. A little bit wicked and a little bit sexy, in this first installment we meet the handsome Gideon Pearsall, Viscount Wharton, who is attracted to the beautiful widow Judith, Lady Chester. She is scandalous enough for his tastes, as she chooses a particular gentleman for a companion, is not interested in marriage, and always ends up friends with each gentleman after each liason. What could be better for Gideon who is determined to be the "Last Man Standing," than to have this alluring beauty? He chases and teases her to be the next pick. Little did he count on falling in love with Judith, who is frightened of her growing feelings for Gideon and the loss of control she always has had in her relationships with gentlemen. Judith has her secret reason for wanting to remain single, even though on the surface it appears her first marriage was a love match. She fights her desire for Gideon as scandal builds that she cannot control. In the end these two passionate people who started out just wanting desire and passion realize they have also found love. In the style of Stephanie Lauren's Bastian Club, this book is sexy and fun; a real delight for romance fans who enjoy the regency period filled with rakes, rogues, beauties, gossip and like to read a romance that is just a little bit wicked.

Publisher: Avon (January 2007)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books

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