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A Knight's Vengeance
  A Knight's Vengeance by Catherine Kean
by Catherine Kean

Enthralling Medieval Romance

Catherine Kean has created a beautiful, well-written medieval romance that will entrance you from beginning to end. The handsome, emotionally tortured Knight Geoffrey de Lanceau lives to clear his father's name as traitor to the king. He finds a way to take his vengenance on Lord Brackendale, whom he believes is responsible for his family's downfall - his beautiful daughter, Elizabeth. Geoffrey captures her for ransom. He soon finds that Elizabeth is as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. It is not only her silkly black hair, blue eyes, and sensual figure that puts him in a spell, but her kindness that captures him, and he finds himself thinking of her, more than his quest to clear his father's name. A sensual dance between them begins which entrances the reader. Their love grows and becomes the strength and answer to finding the truth. I found the book hard to put down. Ms. Kean's writing style is flawless. The characters are so believable and the story so descriptive, that you feel you are there. As you become enthralled with the sensual relationship and love building between Geoffrey and Elizabeth you ask - Who is the real evil? Who is the betrayer? And this is another enjoyable surprise about this story, as it will surprise you at the end. The reader doesn't have it all figured out before you finish the book. This is a book Medieval Romance fans need to put on their next read list. I look forward to many more wonderful stories by Catherine Kean.

Publisher: Medallion (September 2006)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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