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A Duke of Her Own
A Duke of Her Own by Lorraine Heath 
by Lorraine Heath

Sexy Passionate Heartache Romance

London during the late 1800's was a time of change. Many titled gentlemen with no money were scouting the ballrooms looking for the many rich American heiresses that wanted to purchase a title. Where does that leave someone like the lovely Lady Louisa Wentworth, the daughter of an Earl with no dowry? Refusing to become a gentleman's mistress she advertises to become a lady's chaperone to one of the many heiresses, promsing to make only the best match. She is accepted by the Rose family, who have two daughters Jenny and Kate. Soon her brother Alex, the sixth Earl of Ravensley, and his friends, Michael Tremayne, the fourth Marquess of Falconridge and Randolph Selwyn, the fifth Duke of Hawkhurst want to be in the running. They all want the beautiful Jenny Rose, but Louisa knows this trio of rogues only want the money and does not trust them with Jenny or Kate who are looking for passion and love in a relationship. Immediately Jenny and Kate's mother, Mrs. Rose knocks the Marquess and Louisa's brother, the Earl out of the running, as only a Duke will do for her daughters. Louisa is relieved, but then it soon becomes difficult because the handsome Duke of Hawkhurst is definitely in the running and he is one who she not only mistrusts and dislikes, but she finds herself uncomfortably drawn to him. Likewise, Hawkhurst cannot get Louisa out of his thoughts. When he is with Jenny Rose, all he sees, smells and wants is Louisa. His lust finally spins out of control when he sets up a plan to catch Jenny in marriage so he can get away from her chaperone who is driving him out of his mind with lust, when it is Louisa that shows up instead of Jenny Rose to spoil the plan. The lust he feels for Louisa can no longer be held back and he compromises her. They are found by her brother Alex and the Rose's son Jeremy Rose. He is then forced to marry the penniless Lady Louisa. The struggle then begins between both Louisa and Hawkhurst because there is such passion that is quickly turning to love in this relationship, but also disappointment, as Louisa realizes Hawkhurst really did need Jenny Rose's money not only for his estates, but for his mother and an illegitimate sister he has kept secret for years. The story is a true delight from the courtship, lust, passion, love, stuggle, and sacrifices that must be made in love. The ending is a near heartbreaker, but has all the components of a true romance that is as old as time. Boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl. A truly wonderful heartwarming read! 

Publisher: Avon (November 2006)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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