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100 Arabian Nights
 100 Arabian Nights Anthology
Anthology by
Kim Lawrence, Meredith Webber, Liz Fielding


A must read for lovers of sheikh romances! Awesome anthology!

In 100 ARABIAN NIGHTS, Mills and Boon, the publisher, gathers together three of their author superstars --- Kim Lawrence, Meredith Webber, and Liz Fielding --- with three tales of desert love. Spanning the scope within the sheikh romance genre, this anthology will delight readers with its variety and its collection of the amazing sheikhs and the intriguing women who discover love in exotic places. Strong, powerful and wealthy sheikh heroes encounter women whose passion, intelligence and hearts bring these heroes to their knees when love sparks.

In Kim Lawrence's THE SHEIKH AND THE VIRGIN, Prince Tariq comes to town to meet with Beatrice Devlin and forbids his brother Khalid to marry her. Beatrice cannot believe the insulting audacity of this man. Together with her friends, she plots to give him exactly what he deserves, playing the role of the conniving seductress to the max. When Tariq and Beatrice are together in his palace home, passion turns Tariq and Beatrice's plans to seduction as the hot chemistry between them ignites. When a crisis brings them together, will the revelation of Beatrice's plot bring a stop to Tariq's growing love or fuel the flames even more? Kim Lawrence writes an explosive, suspenseful tale of desert love. As the intense energy between the hero and heroine turns to family, can both Tariq and Beatrice discover a new kind of love where the demands of and desire for family combine passion and love? Kim Lawrence starts off this anthology with a dynamic and dramatic tale of romance that will have readers eager to explore the remaining stories.

In Meredith Webber's THE DESERT PRINCE'S CONVENIENT BRIDE, Australian nurse Hannah MacIntosh has cared for her young nephew, Mickey, becoming his mother in all but name. When Sheikh Tarik shows up on her doorstep ready to whisk this young heir back to his desert kingdom, Hannah will do anything to protect her child. The power and wealth Tarik holds is nothing compared to the love of a mother for her son! Even if it means uprooting her life to go to Suleila and marrying the very man who plans to steal Mickey away, Hannah is determined not to be swayed! As Mickey draws Tarik and Beatrice closer and closer, will they discover in each other untold dreams and passions to turn their marriage of convenience and security into love and family in ways they never dared to imagine beforehand? Meredith Webber's writes an emotionally moving romance that takes an intimate look at family, developing a theme in the previous tale and enriching it with moments of tenderness that will move the reader's heart as a young child opens two hearts. Meredith Webber's romance takes the reader right into the heart of the desert kingdom, giving the reader an even closer look into the connection between family and kingdom.

In Liz Fielding's CHOSEN AS THE SHEIKH'S WIFE, an exquisite finale to the anthology, a suddenly uncovered antique and a chance moment on the television shooting of Trash and Treasure, brings Violet Hamilton into the spotlight. Sheihk Fayad suddenly appears demanding the lost Blood of Tariq weapon. With news of this discovery spreading as well as political intrigue, Fayad must find a way to possess the antique weapon and keep Violet safe. The only way to do both is to marry her! Liz Fielding's romance captures the themes of the previous romances while adding new exciting dimensions. With its humor, chance and kismet, an exotic setting and history, Liz Fielding writes a romance that will delight readers. Drama, vivid imagery, powerful emotions and family history mixed with legends create a romance that will live in the reader's imagination. The family history of Violet and Fayad is a love that spans generations and oceans! CHOSEN AS THE SHEIKH'S WIFE is an exquisite finale in a magnificent anthology that will transport readers with its mesmerizing romance and compelling characters.

100 ARABIAN NIGHTS is must read for sheikh romance lovers and indeed any lover of short romance. All three romances are outstanding and each one follows well on the previous stories, building and expanding on themes. From passion to a mother's love to a destined love that crosses the boundaries of time, each story adds delightful variety while at the same time giving a sense of depth as these stories are read together. The editor did a fabulous job organizing this anthology. Each romance works well as a stand alone story but together they have even more power as one develops so smoothly yet inventively from the previous story. One almost wonders if the authors themselves had worked together in the creation of this anthology. 100 ARABIAN NIGHTS is the perfect choice for sheikh romance lovers and those readers new to this genre wanting to explore the scope and beauty of the subgenre. 100 ARABIAN NIGHTS is indeed a very fine celebration for the 100th anniversary of a publisher known for bringing some of the finest romance to readers for a century. Readers will want to keep it both as a commemoration and for rereading.

Publisher: Mills and Boon  (June 2008)

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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